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About Gauri Kund

Holy Gauri Kund

Mount Kailash is surrounded by multiple tourist attractions of high religious significance. One of them is Gauri Kund. Also referred to as the 'Lake of Compassion, a visit to this pond is an important part of the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Its blue color lends it a unique beauty.

While you view and explore other tourist attractions near Mount Kailash, you shouldn't forget to make a visit to Gauri Kund.


Gauri Kund is not far away from Mount Kailash. If you are at the Dolmala Pass, you need to walk down a little distance to reach this sacred pond. The pond is located at an elevation of around 5,608 m.

Religious Significance

Returning from the Kailash Yatra without making a visit to Gauri Kund is considered to be blasphemous. That's why everyone who undertakes the Mount Kailash tour always visits this holy pond.

According to Hindu mythology, the water of the pond is highly sacred. Only splashing this pond's water across one's head is believed to purify one's body and soul. During your Kailash tour, you'll notice a lot of pilgrims using the holy water of Gauri Kund. Many pilgrims also collect the pond's water to carry home. The religious significance of Gauri Kund has been mentioned in ancient Hindu texts.

The religious history of Gauri Kund is steeped in interesting legends. It is believed that Parvati created a picture of Ganesha at first. Once she was done modeling the picture, she used the froth on her body to make the picture come to life. Later, Parvati told Ganesha to guard the path to their home so that she could wash without anyone entering into the home. Ganesha did as he was told. It is believed that Ganesha stopped even Lord Shiva on the path. Since Lord Shiva abides in Mount Kailash, he was only returning to his habitat.

On being stopped by Ganesha, Lord Shiva was filled with rage. He could not bear the misconduct of Ganesha. What Lord Siva did is that he beheaded Ganesha. When Parvati saw her son with his head cut off, she was utterly grief-stricken. She wanted Ganesha to become alive again.

Parvati requested Lord Shiva to bring her kid Ganesha back to life. So, Lord Shiva took the head of an elephant and put it on Ganesha's body and brought him back to life. And Parvati's son was alive once again. There are many other similar stories that pilgrims to Gauri Kund find extremely fascinating.


Summers at Gaurikund are pleasant while winters are cold. The place gets a little amount of rainfall during monsoons. If you are planning to visit here, the summer months (May to August) are the best. During winters, snowfall is common and the temperature can plummet to -15 degrees.

How to Reach

The Dolmala Pass is located on the circumambulation path around Mount Kailash. If you are at Mount Kailash, you can get to this pass and then travel down to reach Gauri Kund. If you are physically fit or an avid trekker, you can cover this distance on your own. Otherwise, you can also hire yaks or ponies for your comfort. You can also have your luggage carried by these animals.

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