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Deccan Odyssey

Indian Sojourn

Experience luxury travel in India with Deccan Odyssey's Indian Sojourn. Visit iconic destinations Mumbai, Udaipur, and the Taj

08 Days



Maharashtra Wild Trail

The Maharashtra Wild Trail Deccan Odyssey is a popular wildlife tour through the natural wonders of Maharashtra.

08 Days


Hidden Treasures of Gujarat

The Deccan Odyssey Gujarat is known for its exceptional service and attention to detail, providing passengers with a luxurious and authentic way to explore India.

08 Days


Indian Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey offers luxury and authenticity to explore India. Popular among travelers seeking unique and memorable travel experience with great service.

07 Days


Maharashtra Splendor

The Maharashtra Deccan Odyssey features luxurious cabins, fine dining options, and onboard entertainment, providing passengers with a world-class travel experience.

08 Days


Deccan Odyssey

A journey by train is the most enjoyable way of exploring a new country or city.

If you wish to experience the varied sights and sounds of the Indian subcontinent, we highly recommend that you plan a train journey. Have you ever travelled in a luxury train? In India, there are a host of luxury trains that don't just treat you like a 'maharaja' but also provide you with an excellent opportunity to rediscover the charm of the country's beautiful cities and towns and its rich architectural heritage.

Most famous luxury trains in India include Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and Maharajas' Express. There are other tourist trains like Bharat Darshan and Mahaparinirvan Express that India welcomes its visitors with. Whether you want to view the famous tourist attractions in North India, Central India, West India or South India, you'll see that a journey by a luxury train is so delightful, royal and full of wonderful memories. The duration of a luxury train journey in India varies from 3-4 days to one week or more. During your train tour, you'll experience a royal treatment along with an opportunity to dig into the diversified heritage of the country.

If exploring both India and Nepal in one go is what you have in mind, there are train tours available to achieve that as well. Sri Lanka too offers a bunch of nice, luxury carriages which will take you to scenic hills, laid-back countryside and pristine beaches of the India Ocean. Viceroy Special, Viceroy II and Hitachi Train are some of the most travelled on luxury trains in Sri Lanka. Each one of the trains has something special to offer for every traveller.

The best part about a train journey is that it keeps you stress-free. Also, travelling by train is cost effective unless you choose to travel in a luxury train. In many cases, there are certain tourist attractions that can be best reached only by train.

Undertaking a train journey with Max Holidays is quite a lot of fun. Regardless of which destinations you choose to cover, which travel circuit you're interested in or which part of the Indian subcontinent you want to explore, there are train tour packages for every purpose and requirement. Our train travel team has all the knowledge and experience that's required to turn a train journey into an unforgettable holiday. Our experts can plan both leisurely long-distance train journeys and short hops between states or cities. We can also quickly customize a pre-designed tour package to suit exactly what you want.

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