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Sundarbans Tour & Travel Guide

Located in West Bengal, the Sunderbans National Park is spread over 10,000 sq km of land and water. It is known for containing the world's largest area of mangrove forests. More than half of it lies in India and the remaining in Bangladesh. Sunderbans is home to a wide variety of endangered animal species including mammals, birds and reptiles.

It is a plastic-free zone and has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park has several watch towers for wildlife viewing and panoramic views of the landscape. Major wildlife attractions in Sunderbans include the Royal Bengal tiger, saltwater crocodiles, deer, birds, bull sharks and snakes.

Sunderbans Map

199 million

Top Sites

Peaceful Shikara, Dal lake, Nishat park., Shalimar, Shalimar Mughal Garden

April to June

10°C to 30°C

July to Sep

Around 35°C

Oct to Feb

10°C to 15°C

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