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Uttarakhand Tour & Holidays

The Indian state of Uttarakhand is particularly easy to fall in love with. Uttarakhand is a sought-after tourist destination in the Indian Himalayas because of its bizarre terrain, encompassing tall Himalayas, glittering streams, eye-catching meadows, imposing glaciers, and strange lakes. Devbhumi is another name for Uttarakhand. This Himalayan state in northern India is renowned for its immaculate natural beauty and spirituality (or the Land of the Gods). 

Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, the four holiest pilgrimage destinations Hindus cherish, are located in Uttarakhand. Numerous people travel to Uttarakhand each year to honour the Char Dhams. This comprehensive Uttarakhand travel guide will give you a tour of this holy land.


Dehradun & Gairsain


11.51 Million

April to June

20 °C to 35 °C

July to Sep

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Oct to Feb

3° C to 15° C

An Insight into Uttarakhand Tourism

In this heavenly land, pilgrims defeat their demons, and explorers defeat their fears.

This well-thought-out Uttarakhand travel guide lets travellers see some of the nation's most stunning landscapes. This region is mentioned in ancient Puranas and is known as the "Dev Bhoomi," or the "Land of the Gods." Based on the Garhwal and Kumaon areas, Uttarakhand's history is separated.

Therefore, there may be a range of historical and cultural differences. Uttarakhand, a state that separated from Uttar Pradesh in 2000, has traditions that can be seen in the earliest Hindu epics. In certain areas, mythologies are more prevalent than rivers. Following the incident in June 2013, Uttarakhand Tourism experienced significant losses. That dip, though, was just temporary. The government is making every effort to make travelling in Uttarakhand safer.

The best time to visit Uttarakhand is generally from March through April and mid-September through mid-October. The most popular activities during the summer, which is also Uttarakhand's peak season, are trekking, paragliding, and The Char Dham Yatra. While rafting in Rishikesh and wildlife viewing in Jim Corbett National Park are ideal throughout the winter months of November through February.

Talking about Uttarakhand's popular places, it has the state's four most renowned Hindu temples, or Char Dhams—Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. The state is where the Ganga and Yamuna, two of the most worshipped rivers in the nation, emerge. Additionally, Uttarakhand is home to the "Valley of Flowers," another UNESCO World Heritage Site. All of northern India's well-known hill resorts, including Nainital, Uttarkashi, Mussoorie, and Chamoli, are housed in Uttarakhand.

Hindus consider Uttaranchal the most sacred location since it contains numerous holy temples and is the living paradise of Lord Shiva. Both Badrinath and Kedarnath have long been popular pilgrimage destinations. One of the most sacred locations is Badrinath, which features four dhams. One of Lord Shiva's twelve Jyotirlingas is the Shiva temple, the largest of the sacred shrines in Kedarnath, Himalayas. The mythological figure Ganga is said to have touched the earth in Gangotri. The Goddess arrived in this area as a river.

The state is home to numerous parks and sanctuaries for wildlife. The renowned Assan barrage is in the Dehradun district, near the confluence of the rivers Yamuna and Assan. The Akot Musk deer refuge is well-known for the musk deer conservations that occur there. In addition, it is home to various species, including serow, brown bear, civet cat, and leopard. The largest and most historic national park in the Nainital region is Jim Corbett, the perfect spot for Uttarakhand sightseeing. The park is renowned for its diverse wildlife and the Project Tiger initiative run by the Indian government.

Moving on to the next section of this Uttarakhand tour guide, the transportation facility. The closest airport to the state is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which has frequent flights to Delhi. The domestic airport in Pantnagar, in the Kumaon region, is another way to get to the state. Only 345 kilometres of railroad tracks are there in the state.

The railway stations at Dehradun and Haridwar are among the best in the nation for access to other cities. Railheads include Kotdwar, Rishikesh, and Ramnagar. The state's 28,508 km of well-connected roads include 1,543 km of state highways and 1,328 km of national highways.

Both the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand provide a broad choice of unique delicacies to enjoy. The food in Uttarakhand has an added kick thanks to the usage of regional herbs and spices. Some of the foods that contain classic flavours you can taste: Gahat (Kulath) Soup, Gahat Rasmi Badi (Kofta), Urad Ke Pakore (Wada), Bhangjeera ki Chatni, Aloo Ke Gutke, Mathir and Til laddus, Madua Roti, Dubkas with Chholia Roti, Chainsoo, Kafuli, Phaanu, Til ki Chutney, Bal Mithai, Singodi, Bhangak Khatai, Sisunak Saag, Jhangora Ki Kheer, Kaapa, Gahat Ki Dal, and Singal are some examples of traditional foods.

Your trip to Uttarakhand, a mystery of mountains and myth, will make you feel wholesome. Escape from the chaos and catch a breath of clean Himalayan air like nowhere else. Live in what the Hindus call the "Dev Bhoomi" and travel through the vegetation that awaits you while you are here. You will take a bagful of memories and wish to come here again. 

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