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Kanpur Tour & Travel Guide

The beaming city of Kanpur will win your heart. It has acquired a unique character and is popular for its cultural mix. It is the hub of politics, religion, and culture and has become a popular tourist attraction as well. Due to its close proximity to Lucknow, a lot of people combine these two cities in a single trip.

For people who have keen interest in history, Kanpur is a great destination. There are numerous beautiful monuments that tell each have a story. You can explore the city, taste local delicacies, and also shop. Kanpur is famous for its sweets and leather goods. The harmony between old world charm and modern aesthetics is what makes Kanpur one of its kind city that you must visit.

Kanpur Map

3 million

Top Sites

Kanpur Memorial, Kanpur Zoo, Moti Jheel

April to June

28°C to 34°C

July to Sep

26°C to 32°C

Oct to Feb

20°C to 26°C

An Insight into Kanpur Tourism

City That Witnessed India Uprising

Situated on the banks of river Ganga, Kanpur once perfect for agriculture is now an industrial and commercial city, thus leading to huge utilization manpower resources and being populous. This place holds a unique blend of industrial, social, commercial, historical and religious importance in Uttar Pradesh, making it a must visit city. Potential of Kanpur was explored by the British after winning over Shuja-ud-Daula, the Nawab Wazir of Awadh in 1765. British planned business set up at Kanpur for which they signed a treaty with the then Nawab and took controls of the city with setting up their military base here. Ever since then Kanpur has been a progressive city with industries and commercial establishments at boom.

In present day, Kanpur is a preferred travel destination in India, which has distinct places to cater to the varied interest of travelers. This place has numerous religious places belonging to Hindus, Muslins and Christians.

Al-Beruni has mentions of Kanpur in Kitaabul-Hind. The revered dargah of Makdoon Shah - the Sufi saint, is situated here. It was built by Feroze Shah Tughlag and is a popular sightseeing place. The British had set up the very first leather tannery here at Jajmau and this initiation led to the rise & growth of tanneries in Kanpur and the industry shaped up gradually. Kanpur also played a pivotal role in India’s freedom movement, wherein Indian independence torch bearers like Nanareo Peshwa, Tatya Tope and Chandrashekhar Azad had close associations with the city. Kanpur, like Allahabad, was a center for education and learning and several great Hindu literary dignitaries like Acharya Mahavir Parshad Dwivedi and G.S. Vidyarthi, were from Kanpur. In present day, the IIT Kanpur is also an esteemed college or engineering & technical knowledge. Primarily a business center, Kanpur enjoys abounding success in industries such as plastic, textiles, leather processing and leather goods (finished articles).

Adjacent to Lucknow, Kanpur tour can be planned along with Lucknow and one can enjoy the best of both places.

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