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  • Trekking is the best outdoor activity for travellers who wish to reconnect with Mother Nature. The Indian subcontinent offers an array of trekking tours to fill you with joy, wonder and adventure. Exploring mountains, valleys, forests and rural areas on foot is also the best way to know a country inside out. Whether it's India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet or Sri Lanka, each of these countries offers you an outstanding range of treks – both for beginners and junkies. Trekking expeditions in these countries are known for being a traveller's true delight.

  • The snow-clad mountain ranges of the Indian Himalayas feature a number of trekking destinations you would love to explore. Garhwal Himalaya Treks, Ladakh Himalaya Treks, Himachal Treks and Kumaon Himalaya Treks are some of the most popular places to enjoy trekking tours. During your trekking tour in India, you'll not only get an opportunity to feast your eyes upon heart-stirring landscapes and rolling mountains, but you'll also hear multiple legendary stories of great interest and get to see traditional tribal villages, holy Hindu sites, Buddhist monasteries. When in Nepal, places like Kathmandu and Pokhara (the trekking hub) will stick into your memory for a long, long time. While travelling along the hilly tracks in Nepal, you'll get to soak up the locals' mountain lifestyle. From Nepal, you can also easily reach exciting trekking destinations in Tibet.

  • The Bhutanese landscapes are also quite unique. Around 80% of the landscape is comprised of forests. The country provides trekkers with wonderful high and low altitude treks. During your trekking expeditions in Bhutan, you'll come across terraced fields, wildlife, flora and host of idyllic hamlets. When in Sri Lanka, you can go on adventure-packed treks from a place called Belihuloya, a superb base for trekkers.

  • At Max Holidays, we have been organizing various high and low-altitude trekking tours into the Indian subcontinent for years. Our trekking staff and travel guides are fully equipped with all the knowledge and experience that's required for turning a trekking tour into an experience that you'll always remember. You don't need to worry about things like when to come, what to bring, physical fitness requirements, equipment etc. Our team will equip you with lots of practical tips while helping you choose the best trekking tours. Each one of the trekking tour packages that Max Holidays features is easily customizable.

  • If you find there's anything more or less in a trekking package, you can connect with our travel experts to get it tailored anytime.

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Markha Valley trek

Ladakh, located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, is quite well-known for its amazing geographical features. Trekking...
13 Days

India Trekking Tour Reviews

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    from Chicago - 22 March, 2018

    "Ladakh is beautiful. The multiple sceneries starting from sunrise till the sunset are mind-blowing. The place is very peaceful and since I am a peace lover, Ladakh I think was a perfect spot for me. Adventurous activities here are a ‘my kind of thing’. Overnighting in tents and staring the night sky, everything was so relaxing. Thank You Max!"

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    from Singapore - 14 March, 2018

    "I was stuck in the beauty of the valleys in Ladakh. I don’t think that I could see such a beauty here at my place. Thank You Max Holidays for cooperating with me throughout the journey as acting as per my comfort. I have already planned my next trip to India, get ready to accompany me again Max Holidays!"

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    from USA - 7 May, 2017

    "3. I am fond of adventures. Max has landed me to a perfect destination for quenching my thirst for adventure. The trekking activities in Ladakh have been mind- blowing. I loved the ladahkis there. They lived a very simple life and looked really happy and satisfied from that one too. Thank You Max Holidays. I enjoyed your company."