Special Interest Tours

  • Special Interest tours are designed concerning the interest of every avid traveller and can be further customised as per the choice. Some of them are Camping and Rafting, Jeep Safari through Himachal, Tribes of Odisha, etc. We Max Holidays are here to cater to your all kinds of curiosities and interests. We provide many optional tours as well for example, Culinary Classes, Sheroes Hangout Cafe, Food Walk, Salam Balak Tour, etc. Special Interest tours can be organised for an individual or a group of people with similar kind of interest.

  • We also organise some particular interest like, Religious Tour at Mount Kailash & Lake Mansarovar, Char Dham Yatra, Varanasi; Beach Tours to Goa, Andaman & Nicobar, Mahabalipuram; Photography Tour at Bharatpur Bird Santuary, Ranthambore – the tiger den and other Wildlife & Scenic Beauties; Adventure Tours to Ladakh, etc are some of the examples. We are here to serve your passion, hobbies & interest for travel. We also have especially designed packages for those with special interest in culture and heritage of India. Each tour we provide has its own uniqueness in itself, the sole aim of every tour is to provide you with everlasting memories for lifetime.

Popular India Special Interest Tour Packages

Taj Mahal tour with Rishikesh

Earlier a spiritual destination, now more of an adventure harbor, Rishikesh is a sought after destination in...
07 Days

Jeep Safari through Himachal

Captivating the visitors with its old-world charm and natural beauty, Shimla...
21 Days

Tribes of Odisha Tour

Tribal literally 'original inhabitants' are the indigenous population of India. Nestled in the hills of...
12 Days

India Special Interest Tour Reviews

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    Chile 4 September, 2017

    "I am an adventure- freak! Tried out many adventurous activities in UK, New Zealand and Australia but now I had India on my list. I really wanted to visit this place and see the variety of adventure it has to offer to its tourists. I went to Rishikesh and got introduced to a brand new variety of activities. Thank You Max! "

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    from Hungary - 26 June, 2018

    "Nature is everything for me. I love spending time with nature and communicating with it. But, my hectic schedule wasn’t letting me take out time even for myself and yes, I needed a break! I came across Max Holidays website and saw available trips. I decided I really have to come here. Went to Himachal and its beauty was breath-taking! "

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    from Sweden - 13 March, 2017

    "Max Holidays has made my dream come true for visiting India. I always loved this place but never got any chance to travel here! Anyhow, I got one this year and Max helped me in that! Thank you for your cooperation. I loved your services. I visited Himachal and it was such a peaceful place. Never wanted to come back! "