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Nathula Pass Tour & Travel Guide

Nathula – Pass is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sikkim. Amidst the backdrop of stunning Himalayas, Nathula connects India and China. During ancient times, this was a popular silk route connecting these two countries. Even today Hindu and Buddhist devotees from Tibet and China travel through the pass to visit pilgrimage destinations across the border on both sides. The pass itself is the main attraction. You can never get enough of Nathula. It is indeed a dream destination for adventure lovers. From trekking to hiking, there is a lot you can experience in this snow covered land. The drive from Gangtok to Nathula is a one of its kind experience. Meandering streams and mountains seem to be the picture perfect backdrop. Tsomgo Lake is a must see when near Nathula. The crystal clear water and the untouched natural beauty will leave you mesmerized.

Nathula Pass


Top Sites

Nathula Pass, Nathula Pass Museum, Nathula Pass Park

April to June

16°C to 18°C

July to Sep

15°C to 16°C

Oct to Feb

05°C to 14°C

An Insight into Nathula Pass Tourism

The Ancient Silk Route, Now a Sought After Drive Way

Nathula (Nathu La) mountain pass in East Sikkim district, is the world known pass is in the Himalayas that connects India (Sikkim) with China (Autonomous Tibet Region). At the height of 4,310 meter above sea level, this rode was once the ancient Silk Route, which connected traders from India to China & further and vice versa. Even today, Nathu La pass has equal importance as a popular tourist destination and as a very high motorable road. This pass is a dream destination of adventure enthusiasts for trekking & enjoying the picturesque natural beauty of this place and is also popular for road trip by aficionado, as driving here is not for the weak hearted ones. The road drive from Gangtok to Nathula is picturesque with many waterfalls gushing along the way and snow peaks encircling the area, in short it is divine.

Situated on the Old Silk Route, Nathu La Pass is a connection between India (Sikkim) and China (Tibet Autonomous Region). This road remained ceased for almost forty years after China suppressed a Tibetan uprising. However, Nathu La Pass, was reopened in 2006 and ever since then has served as an official border.

This is one of 3 open trading border posts that connects India and China and plays a prime role in Sino-Indian trade. The pass also shortens the distance between the different Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage sites in India & Tibet. Consequently it helps in improving the economy and border relations with China

The prime attraction here is the pass itself and its long standing history. The drive from Gangtok to Nathu La is mesmerizing. Here, Tsomgo Lake is a must see. The region in & around Nathu La do not have human inhabitation, but is an abode of birds like tit-babblers, black eagle, folk tail, blue whistling thrush, redstarts, etc. The environment here supports Himalayan wildlife including yaks, Tibetan gazelle, Tibetan wolves, snow leopard, etc. Nathu La is rich in a wide variety of flora apart, as well.

This pass is picturesque and the climate here is cold, so it is best to plan a Nathu La Pass trip during the summers when it’s accessible & beautiful.

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