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Legship Tour & Travel Guide

Situated in western Sikkim, Legship is a dainty town that has abundance of natural beauty. Mystical mountains in the backdrop, fluttering prayer flags, beautiful monasteries, and serene hot springs adorn the city. Its right to say that Legship is a wanderer’s paradise. Perfect for a calm and unwinding holiday where you can soak up the mountain sun and recharge your senses. Nature’s bliss and bounty is a welcome change from the concrete world that we live in. There are various ancient temples in Legship that tell a tale of the glorious past. Some other tourist attractions include – Rangit Dam, Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple, and Lho Khando Sang Pho Caves. Ancient caves and monasteries with intricate architecture are like a museum in itself. When in Legship make sure to interact with locals. They are so hospitable and amicable. Delve deeper into culture, folk tales, and history of the region to understand the myriad facets of this beautiful town.

Legship Map

199 million

Top Sites
Peaceful Shikara, Dal lake, Nishat park., Shalimar, Shalimar Mughal Garden
April to June

10°C to 30°C

July to Sep

Around 35°C

Oct to Feb

10°C to 15°C

An Insight into Legship Tourism

A Hamlet Tugged in Nature

A small town yet brimming with tourist attractions, Legship is located in West Sikkim, India. Legship is often called the Gateway to Western Sikkim and it is a major junction of crossing roads from Gayzing, Yuksom, Jorethang, Kewzing, Pelling, Tashiding, Rabangla, Gangtok, and other places. Filled with many tourism attractions Legship is a desirable destination for any traveler who enjoys nature, history and archeology. Situated on the bank of river Rangit, Legship has innumerable picturesque views that satiates every wanderlust traveler.

Explore the enchanting locales here in Legship, witness the grandeur of ancient temples, enjoy a beauty –cum-healing bath in those Sulphur hot springs, visit the caves and archaic monasteries and interact with the locals over a cup of tea.

Visit Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple, Lho Khando Sang Pho Caves and Sulphurous Hot Springs All these and lots more unexplained experiences with stay with you for life as fond memories.

The Rangit Dam on River Ranjit, is a popular tourist attractions here. Rangit Water World is built here and is a great place for angling, swimming and river rafting. This place is perfect for an adventure filled day. Lehship has a number of picnic spot that are bets enjoyed during summers.

Popular Places of Legship

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