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Shekhawati Tour & Travel Guide

Shekhawati is a region that covers Churu, Jhunjhunu, Sirkar, some parts of Jaipur and Nagaur districts. If you’re a history buff or architecture lover, then this place is nothing less than paradise for you. The intricately done havelis and mansions that have stood through time and are an example of the glorious past, have a rich history. It is right to say that the entire town is a fresco art gallery in itself. Wherever you look there is something interesting worth capturing.

It is a delightful experience to walk through the small lanes and witness these enticing structures that take you back in the past. The perfect destination for photography and to see what Rajasthani richness and opulence means, Shekhawati is a must visit off beat destination.

Shekhawati Map

3 million

Top Sites

Shekhawati forts and havelis, Churu camel fair

April to June

35°C to 45°C

July to Sep

30°C to 35°C

Oct to Feb

20°C to 30°C

An Insight into Shekhawati Tourism

Realms of Fresco Portrayed Havelis Taking You Back To The Yester Years.

Shekhawati is a small town in North Rajasthan comprising Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu and some small parts of Nagaur and Jaipur districts. A popular tourist’s destination in Rajasthan state, Shekhawati is a paradise for any connoisseur of art & architecture. Laced with many beautifully done havelis and mansions, which capture the attention of every passerby, the town is a fresco art gallery in itself. The riot of colours sheathes the spirit of this vibrant town.

It was in between 17th - 19th century, many Marwari merchants constructed those grand havelis and mansions in Shekhawati region. Drenched in wealth and affluence, merchants kept themselves busy competing with others in constructing more and more impressive structures such as step well, mansions, temples and more that were affluently decorated with fresco paintings and murals, both inside and outside. Admirably decorated havelis increased during the period and the furor continued to the first half of twentieth century. The fresco paintings at Shekhawati region, popularly known as Shekhawati paintings, are primarily inspired by Indian mythology and flora & fauna. These wonderful art, narrates different mythological tales like the bravery of Lord Rama and the miracles of Lord Krishna. The region has some extravagantly made towering forts, baoris, and shrines, besides those pervasive havelis.

When in Shekhawati region ensure to see places such as Sethani Ka Johara – one of the finest johara (reservoir) built in 1899 as a famine relief projects, also a very peaceful place, which attracts various birds and animals in winter.; Kanhaiyalal Bagla Haveli - a exquisite structure, built around 1880, representing the finest lattice work and architectural styles. The wall paintings and murals narrate Dhola and Maru folk tales.; Aath Kambh Chhatri, is an eight pillared dome believed to be constructed in 1776.; Ratangarh Fort was made in early 18th century by Surat Singh is located on the Agra-Bikaner highway. The imposing gateways, monuments and a clock tower are the prime attractions here; Khetri Mahal in Khetri, Jhunjhunu is an excellent manifestation of fine art and structural design, original to Shekhawati region. Also called the Wind Palace of Jhunjhunu, Khetri Mahal interestingly has no windows or doors and even though was named as the Wind Palace.; The Chhapar Sanctuary is also a great place for animal lovers and one can sight black bucks and a variety of birds like imperial eagle, demoiselle cranes, skylarks, black ibis, ring doves, here.

The very thought of Shekhawati, stirs those images of grand mansions and elaborate frescoes in the mind. Festivals here are a perfect time to explore the vivid colours of the region.

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