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Ranakpur Tour & Travel Guide

Ranakpur is home to some of the most beautiful Jain temples in the country. It is indeed a pleasure to visit these temples and hear the story about their origin. The magnificent architecture and peaceful vibe of the place will enchant you forever. The city attracts not just pilgrims but tourists from all over the world.

The opulent Rajasthani culture and heritage blended with simplicity of people is something that makes Ranakpur a unique city. The beautiful town of Kumalgarh in the vicinity is also a must visit. It is known for Kumbalgarh Fort, which has the second longest wall after the Great Wall of Chin

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Ranakpur Jain Temple, Dilwara Jain Temples, Ranakpur Fort, Jain Museum, Sahastrabahu Temple

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An Insight into Ranakpur Tourism

Visit This Largest Complex of Jain Temples

Situated on the western slopes of the Aravalli Hills, around 75km from Udaipur, this small town Ranakpur is the home to one of India’s biggest Jain temple complexes. Ranakpur is named after the benevolent ruler of Mewar Rana Kumbha. He offered a huge portion of his land for the construction of the temple. Moved by a dream, Dharna Shah a Jain businessman, started the construction of the temple under the patronage of Rana Kumbha. The construction of this temple is documented in details in a 1437 CE copper-plate record. The temple was completed in 1458 AD. Ranakpur’s entity in the tourism map owes to this complex of Jain temple, making it a prime place of Jain pilgrimage in Rajasthan. The place also serves as a base for exploring the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and the fort at Kumbhalgarh.

The sculptures here match that of Dilwara temple in terms of workmanship & stone quality, nevertheless they are very different from the earlier. The workmanship of this temple complex is striking with approximately 1440 exquisitely carved white marble columns and interestingly each is unique. The Chamukha (four faced) temple is the main temple and dedicated to Adinathji. The Surya Narayan temple is dedicated to the Sun God.

Nearby Ranakpur is the historic town of Kumbhalgarh, which is at an hour's drive. Kumbhalgarh’s magnificent monuments, royal chhatris and glorious palaces, calls for a day’s trip to explore the beauty of this bygone town. The densely forested Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit for wild life lovers. Leopards, wolves, antelopes, gazelles, deer, sloth bears and more animals are stopped here. The sanctuary has more than 200 bird species and is definitely a place to be for wildlife aficionados and birdwatchers.

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