Bharatpur Travel Guide

For all you wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, and photographers, Bharatpur is the destination that you should plan your next vacation to. Bharatpur is home to Keoladeo National Park, which is enlisted in UNESCO. Experience the myriad flora and rich fauna. Spend hours bird watching and enjoying the jungle views of untouched natural beauty.

You can stay in camps, enjoy a safari, or just unwind for a peaceful and heavenly experience. The national park becomes home to thousands of migratory birds and it is indeed a delightful experience to catch a glimpse.

  • Population

    199 million

  • Top Sites

    Peaceful Shikara, Dal lake, Nishat park., Shalimar, Shalimar Mughal Garden

  • Temprature

    24°C to 45°C
    (April to June)
    40°C to 45°C
    (July to Sep)
    30°C to 36°C
    (Oct to Feb)
  • A bird watcher’s delight, Paradise and the Eastern Gateway of Rajasthan

  • Bharatpur is known all over for the wonderful UNESCO-listed Keoladeo National Park. This park is a wetland and significant bird sanctuary. Bharatpur also houses a handful of historic remains that traces into its history & heritage. Dating back to 5th century BC, Bharatpur then flourished under the reigns of the Matsya kingdom. The allies of the Pandavas in Mahabharata war, Bharatpur is said to have its origin deep down to the age of Ramayana. Legends connect Bharatpur’s name to Bharat – the younger brother of Lord Ram, and say the lineage of the place dates back to his era. It was in the early 18th century when Maharaja Suraj Mal captured Bharatpur and expanded the place and built several forts and palaces, which also included the Pleasure Palace Complex at Deeg.

  • The prime attraction of Bharatpur is the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, one of the best-known bird watching destinations in India. It was around 250 years ago, embankments we built by the king then, which allowed flooding of this land and turned it into a marsh. This man-made wetland became an apt place for migratory birds like geese, flycatchers, ducks, raptors, waders and more.

  • Lakhs of migratory green sandpiper, cranes and other waterfowl birds come here during winter. This place is hoarded by bird watchers and ornithologists during winter to observe and study more than 370 recorded species of feathered beauties including the Siberian cranes.

  • Bharatpur has an old world charm palace and a well-kept museum that tourist must see. The palace was built in stages by different Maharajas of different eras and is a remarkable fusion of Mughal and Rajput architecture & workmanship. The Ganga Mandir, Lohagarh Fort and Deeg the beautiful garden town attract tourist, here. An old wildlife reserve once established by the rulers of Bharatpur still exists. Band Baretha is now under the Forest Department and is any bird watcher’s paradise. It is a breeding ground of over 200 species of birds, including Black Bittern. Another place that interest visitors is the Kamaban village or Kaman, which is a part of Brij, whereas believed Lord Krishna spent his early years

  • The prime festival at Bharatpur is the Braj festival and it is held every year for two days prior to Holi. Dedicated to Lord Krishna the festival brings into life the spirit of Holi and impersonates the timeless love of Radha and Krishna.