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Udayagiri Tour & Travel Guide

Udayagiri is situated near Bhubaneshwar, and it is most popular for ancient Udayagiri caves. The historical monument is also known as ‘Sunrise Hill’. There are 18 identifiable caves that have stood through the test of time. These caves are a fine example of Jain aesthetics and Jain rock-cut shelters. For the ease of tourists the caves are numbered. Each part is unique and highlights the brilliant craftsmanship and dedication of the bygone time. The caves are also famous for their exceptional acoustic characteristics. Visit these caves once to witness architectural excellence and experience peace and tranquility in the lap of nature. The caves are very well maintained by the government. The beautiful gardens and green zones adjacent to the caves is a refreshing change from the concrete jungle.

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Top Sites

Udaygiri Caves, Udaygiri Museum, Udaygiri Park, Lalitgiri Buddhist Site, Ratnagiri Buddhist Site

April to June

20°C to 24°C

July to Sep

Around 22°C

Oct to Feb

17°C to 20°C

An Insight into Udayagiri Tourism

Hill Riddled with Rock Cut Shelters

Udayagiri near Bhubaneswar in Odisha is known for the Udayagiri Caves, the pride of the state. This unique monument of ancient India attracts tourists from all over the globe. Udayagiri refers to "Sunrise Hill” and it has 18 identifiable caves, called the leṇa in the inscriptions. Most of these caves were excavated mostly during the reign of Kharavela. These caves are fine examples of Jain ascetics of the era. These are one of the earliest groups of Jain rock-cut shelters, which are unique in history of rock-cut architecture.

These caves were made to provide dry shelter for meditation and prayer. They are with almost no amenities or comforts. Low in height, these caves do not even allow a man to stand erect and the cells are sober and plain, nevertheless the facades of these caves have carved sculptures of different auspicious objects that are worshipped by Jains, scenes of daily life, royal processions, court scenes, and hunting expeditions. It also shows the 24 Jain Tirthankars. Presently, all the caves have been numbered for ease. The caves here include Rani Gumpha- Cave 1 is Queen’s Cave / Palace, which is a double storey monastery with exquisite carvings and sculpted friezes depicting women dancing and playing musical instruments etc.

it is also famous for its exceptional acoustic characteristics.; Bajaghara Gumpha (Cave 2) with two massive built columns in front part, also inner columns are built; Chota Hathi Gumpha (Cave 3) contains exquisite relief work with elephants in both sides of front door; Alkapuri Gumpha (Cave 4) a double storey structure with sculpted ornaments and sculptures. It contain exquisite reliefs depicting elephants, some winged creatures, people etc.; Jaya-vijaya Gumpha (Cave 5) – double storied cave, some columns are rock-cut, some built; Panasa Gumpha (Cave 6) is a simple cell with two built columns. Similarly there are other caves namely Thakurani Gumpha (Cave 7). Patalapuri Gumpha (Cave 8) Mancapuri Gumpha (Cave 9, Sargapuri – Manchapuri Gumpha) Ganesa Gumpha (Cave 10), Jambesvara Gumpha (Cave 11, Jamesvara Gumpha), Vyaghra Gumpha, Sarpa Gumpha (Cave 13), Hathi Gumpha (Cave 14), contains carved chronicles of King Kharavela’s reign; Dhanaghara Gumpha (Cave 15); Haridasa Gumpha (Cave 16, ; Jagannath Gumpha (Cave 17), and Rosai Gumpha (Cave 18). The fundament of some structure here in Udayagiri has the floor is laid with levelled blocks of stone, in the stone hewn post holes.

This place gives a new dimension of understanding Jainism in Odisha. The caves are well maintained & preserved by the government departments and stringent tourist regulatons are also followed for maintenance. The gardens and green zones adjacent to the cave area is also refreshing and often a day time picnic spot for locals.

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