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Odisha Tour Packages

Tribal Tour of Orissa

With its largest number of Tribes in the country and 24 percent of the total population of the state...

12 Days


Jagannath Rath Yatra

Situated on the coastline of Odisha, Puri is one of the oldest cities of India and is known around the world as the ...

06 Days


Odisha Tour Packages

A Land of Rare and Uncommon Beauty, which winds through the Landscape,

the Monuments and the History like an Unbroken Silver Ribbon Orissa, an ancient and the oldest state, dates back to be around 3 billion years situated in the eastern part of India. Over 62 distinct tribal groups live in Orissa, each with its own culture and traditions different from the others. There are various cities in Orissa that must be visited, each with its own distinctive identity.

Bhubaneshwar, the capital city is home to over 600 magnificent temples in medieval times; it is called the “Temple City” of India. One of the most important cities of Orissa also includes Cuttack, located at a distance of about 29 km from Bhubaneshwar. There are many sightseeing places in Cuttack, like Barabati Fort, Quadam – I – Rasool, and Paramhansnath Temple are also the major highlight of the place. The city Puri in Orissa is located on the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal and is considered sacred for Hindus who consider it the abode of Lord Jagannath. The leaning temple of Huma, situated near Sambalpur in India, is the only leaning temple in the world.

A lot is mentioned about the people of Orissa in historical epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Manu Samhita, Natyashastra of Bharata Muni, and various Indian Puranas and other religious texts of ancient India. According to mythology, Mahabharata was written by Lord Ganesha in a place called Vedvyas in Rourkela, named after Vedvyas, who was dictating to Lord Ganesha. Shanti Stupa at Dhauligiri is where the great King Ashoka laid the foundation when he witnessed the darkest side of every Kalinga war after seeing the river Daya turning red due to a bloodbath and becoming the propagator of peace. Famous sweet Rasogulla originated in Orissa.

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04 Apr 2017
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My trip to Orissa with Max Holidays was a memorable trip, I travelled with my husband. I liked the destination very much as it.......


13 Aug 2017
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Thanks to Max Holidays for arranging my trip to Orissa so well! The ancient Hindu temples of Bhubaneshwar, Konark and Puri wer.......


23 Nov 2017
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Really everyone should once visit to Orissa for their great ancient Hindu temple of Bhubaneshwar, Konark, and Puri atleast onc.......

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