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Mon Village Tour & Travel Guide

No matter how the journey goes, Mon delivers the greatest natural beauty. If you're the kind of traveller who continually likes being one with nature, you really are intended to stay in some of Nagaland's more unusual locations, like Mon. Its winding lanes provide an exciting journey on the "highway to hell." Even though Nagaland is one of the weakest states in India, Mon sees a lot of tourists who come to learn about the geology and culture of the area. It's fascinating to observe the tattooed faces of the inhabitants in the region, and Mon is famous for these tribes. Konyak Nagas tribe. Similarly, many attractions need to be discovered and explored, which one can do with the Mon Village travel guide.

You can visit this remote Nagaland "Mon" area, which is close to the Indo-Myanmar border, by travelling across Nagaland's wormy gravel and dust roads. The people who live here are proud and lead noble lives in the realm of the head hunters.



Top Sites

Veda Peak, Shangnyu Village, Chenloisho Village, Longwa Village, Aoleang Festival

April to June

16 °C to 31°C

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21°C to 40°C

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4°C to 24°C

An Insight into Mon Village Tourism

The British established a sub-divisional headquarters in the Mon region and the surrounding area in 1889.

From then until the creation of the state of Nagaland in 1963, it served as a hub for guerilla activity. The town has a thriving weaving industry and is surrounded by other traditional cottage firms. Bay leaves are also traded in the Mon region. A training and production centre for cottage industries was developed in the area in the 1970s.

Around Nom, there are a number of small, charming settlements that provide a window into Naga life. In Mon, Naginimora and Veda Peak are the most well-known tourist destinations. At Veda Peak, there is a stunning waterfall that will be the most pristine sight you will ever see. Mon is only about 70 kilometres from Veda Peak. Other noteworthy settlements in the area include Chul, Longwa, and Shangyu.

October through May is the optimal period to visit Monument Valley due to the pleasant temperatures that prevail, allowing visitors to enjoy the destination to its fullest. One may visit Mon easily in the summer because it isn't too hot. Nonetheless, the monsoon season should be avoided as it frequently pours here. With the help of the Mon village travel guide, plan your trip in the best weather. 

There are many things to do in Mon Village and places to explore and some of which are mentioned in this guide. The Veda Peak is the highest point in the Mon district. When the weather is fine, Veda Peak, which is located 70 kilometres from the district administrative centre, provides a beautiful and breathtaking view of the Rivers Brahmaputra and Chindwin. One can enjoy Mon village sightseeing in this place. The chief of the hamlet is referred to as Angh, and it is reported that Angh still lives in a house that is more than 500 years old and still stands tall.

Chenloisho village, one of the largest villages in the Chen region, is close to the border between India and Burma. A modest museum filled with various traditional regional ornaments is located in this village. Longwa village, one of the biggest in the area, is a really fascinating location. Half of Angh's house in this village is in Burma, and the other half is in India. The chief, or Angh, continues to control the hamlet even after it is split into two nations. 

The Tenyimi Church is another must-visit place situated in the Mon area of Nagaland. The church is the ideal location for some alone time and prayer because it is peaceful and quiet. The serene surroundings aid in bringing great serenity to the psyche. People come to the church to celebrate special occasions and for prayer services. Social campaigns, as well as the promotion of social issues and awareness, are the responsibility of the church authorities.

When you arrive on Mon, you'll realise that the inconvenience was all justified. The trip there can be a little bumpy, and for those who are sensitive to motion sickness, things can be much worse. Although there isn't a specific airport for Mon in the area, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is the closest airfield. From here, buses and taxis can be used to travel the remaining distance. 

There isn't a specific train station for the Mon district area as well. However, Dimapur railway station is the one closest to Mon. From here, local buses and taxis make it simple to cover the remaining distance. Mon, Nagaland has a good road system that connects it to other areas. Every airport and train station offers local buses and taxis for rent. Buses operated by the easily accessible Nagaland State Transport move back and forth throughout the region. 

Mon village tourism is incomplete without its food. Finding an expensive restaurant in Mon is a complete waste of time because it is a tribal community. Instead, travellers may savour the real momos, sticky rice, noodles, and steaming bamboo at roadside shops and homestays.  But one should try Naga cuisine options, including dried pork, smoked pork stew, boiled vegetables, bamboo steamed fish, chicken rice soup, and naga ghost chili sauce. In addition, one can also try the Rice beer, a regional beverage of the area.

Mon is a culturally rich area and is frequently referred to as a tourist's paradise. The Konyaks, a tattooed warrior tribe from Nagaland, are better known as residents of the Mon district. The men and women still dress traditionally in the villages of the area, accessorising heavily, notably with huge earrings. With Mon Village travel guide Mon is the ideal location if you want to hide out amid the lush greenery of nature far from the busy city life and any kind of nosy eyes.

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