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Kohima Tour & Travel Guide

The capital of Nagaland, Kohima, is one of the most beautiful places.. Kohima is well-known for its untainted beauty and Angami Tribe. It is located amid beautiful hills and forests at an elevation of roughly 1500 m above sea level. In addition, Kohima tourism draws visitors for various reasons from all over the world. This picture-perfect location will encourage you to explore it from every angle and nook.

When India and Japan engaged in the pivotal battle that ended World War 2, this gorgeous city rose to fame. The Angami Nagas, one of the largest Naga Tribes, once lived there. People of many ethnicities from various regions of the state live in Kohima.



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Kohima Botanical Garden, Kohima Museum, Touphema Village, Kohima Zoo, Khonoma Village, Shilloi Lake, Kohima, Kohima War Cemetery, Kohima Cathedral

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16 °C to 31°C

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21°C to 40°C

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4°C to 24°C

An Insight into Kohima Tourism

The town of Kohima is incredibly picturesque and lovely.

The town paints a beautiful picture with hills all around it and communities sprouting up everywhere. The entire town is covered in lush foliage and greenery, and due to the area's captivating beauty, it is impossible to take your eyes off of it, making it perfect for Kohima sightseeing.

The primary claimant to Kohima is considered to be the Angami Naga tribe. Originally known as Thigoma, Kohima later adopted the name Kew Hi after discovering the wildflower plant in the Nagaland Mountains. The primary tourist attractions in the capital city are the Kohima Zoo, Japfu Peak, War Cemetary II, and numerous other attractions in the form of picnic areas, museums, and villages.

The perfect time to travel to Kohima is during winters. This time of year, the region has a pleasant weather that is ideal for outdoor activities and trips. The weather is perfect for taking a holiday from October to May, ranging from 6°C to 18°C. A trip to Kohima is best avoided during the monsoon because of the possibility of landslides. An enormous number of tourists attend Kohima's well-known Yemshe Festival, which takes place in October. With the help of our, Kohima travel guide you can schedule your trip accordingly.

Kohima, located in Nagaland, is surrounded by wildlife and natural scenery. Today's visitors visit the area to take in the breathtaking vistas and observe the natural splendor. Two historic locations in Kohima that are popular with tourists are the Kohima Cathedral and the Second World War Cemetery.

In addition, Kohima is home to numerous villages that are close to one another. Due to the modest size and close proximity of the communities, communication between them is simple and practical. The village of Kohima is one of the biggest and most populous in Asia. 

Apart from this, The Catholic Church is one of a kind in all of Kohima and is regarded as one of the largest churches in India's northeast. Kohima's Aradhurah Hill is a stunning example of a magnificent architectural marvel. One can see stunning views of the area just by standing at this church.

Kohima is easily accessible by all three modes of transportation, however, it lacks an independent airport and a railway station. You can choose as mentioned in this Kohima travel guide.

Through NH 39, Kohima has a good road connectivity and is connected to other regions of the nation. Imphal is 145 kilometers and Guwahati is 339 kilometers away from Kohima. Daily transportation from Dimapur to Kohima is provided by Nagaland State Transport, and the trip only takes about four hours. Additionally, if one is adamant, he can take upscale buses and private taxis from Dimapur to Kohima.

Eating out in Kohima has a distinctly modern feel, and there are several restaurants here that serve a wide variety of cuisines. Most renowned and typical hotels have their own restaurants, which serve many cuisines, including Indian and Chinese. Additionally, there are a few affordable, simple eateries in Kohima's central market area that serve both Chinese and Tibetan food well. Just a short distance from Kohima's Secretariat building is a tonne of dining options.

Popular Bakery at PR Hill, is known for its mouthwatering pastries, hot dogs, and burgers, and Spice Zone at Ser's Bazaar Shopping Arcade, known for a variety of snacks including samosas, pizzas, burgers, and chole bhaturre, are the primary locations in Kohima that must be tried.

Everything regarding the food is mentioned in our Kohima tour guide in case you forget anything. This hidden gem is undoubtedly an alluring place to visit. It is a colorful land with perfect culture and unheard-of traditions. The city, which is largely tribal, is blessed with high mountains, deep valleys, and a diverse range of plants and animals.

It is the homeland of the Nagas, with a rich cultural heritage that includes as many as 16 or more tribes. Nagaland's capital city, Kohima, is a stunning synthesis of all the colors of nature. Visit these colors of nature and deep valleys with our Kohima travel guide.

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