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Reiek Tour & Travel Guide

Reiek Tlang, also known as Reiek, is one of Mizoram's tallest hills, standing at 1465 meters. Reiek Tlang is a fantastic viewpoint offering panoramic views of Aizawl and the surrounding valley against a backdrop of Mizo Hills scenery. It is situated 29 km from the city of Aizawl. The journey to the crest is also a fantastic trekking opportunity, typically only available on clear, calm days.

The peak of Reiek is also comparatively undiscovered and lies like a pearl in the hills, as is the case with other North Eastern destinations in India. In addition, a little Mizo village in the Reiek Hills is recognized as a historic site. This Reiek travel guide has detailed information on this hilly paradise. The hill is a paradise for birdwatchers and a place for tourism.



Top Sites

Solomon Temple, Mizoram State Museum, Rungdil Lake, Durtlang Hills, Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, Hmuifang

April to June

20° C to 29° C

July to Sep

20°C to 30 °C

Oct to Feb

11° C to 21° C

An Insight into Reiek Tourism

The hill is covered in a luscious forest, and the air is as cool as possible.

The government of Mizoram maintains a heritage village in Reiek where Mizo and subtribal items and traditional huts are displayed for tourist appeal. The Mizoram Tourism Department hosts the Anthurium Festival annually to draw attention to and promote the state's picturesque wonders.

This tourist spot, located around Aizawl, is popular with travelers since it is the perfect location for people looking for a peaceful and quiet getaway from the bustle of the metropolis. These hills are considered untouched and tranquil, and climbing them is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with breathtaking views. The area is well-known among bird watchers because it is home to numerous species of exquisite birds.

Visitors can get a glimpse into the illustrious parts of these highlanders by visiting Reiek tourism which features characteristic traditional huts of various Mizo sub-tribes, the Mizo chieftain's house, and a bachelor dormitory, among other things. A few contemporary homes have also been built in the area, showing how the Mizo way of life has changed to keep up with contemporary trends. In addition, the tourism department also keeps a resort with a café with wholesome food and lodging options.

With the help of a Reiek tour guide, plan your trip in the right weather. Reiek Peak is a well-known tourist destination that draws a lot of visitors. The perfect time to visit this location is between September and February, however, it is accessible at any time of the year. This time of year is great for trekking because of the weather.

The ascent of Reiek Tlang is both beautiful and exciting due to the sheer rocky cliff with flowing golden grass on one side and the pristine woods on the other. This Reiek tourist spot is going to be your favorite. As you travel the meandering trail, you'll come across caves. Caves contain artifacts from the long-forgotten past and are steeped in myth and folklore. Explore and become fascinated. But remember to bring your flashlight, extra batteries, and a route map.

One of the state's longest rivers, the Tlawng River, can be found on the route from Aizawl to Reiek Tlang. You can try your hand at fishing here and experience the exhilaration of landing a new catch. Be a part of cultural activities in addition to adventures. The Reiek tourism office has established a historic village. It provides a window into the way of life of the Mizo people. One passes through Khuangchera's hometown of Ailawng on the way to Reiek. Khuangchera was a legendary Mizo warrior of the 19th century noted for his unmatched bravery and death-defying resistance to an early British army mission. 

Additionally, a cave in this area known as Khuangchera Puk bears his name because he explored it despite the local superstitions at the time. The reserve lies on the borders of Bangladesh, Tripura, and Mizoram. The sanctuary, which covers an area of 572 sq km and is located in an altitudinal range of 200–800 m, comprises several hills, including the Chhawrpial and Pathlawi Lunglen hills. With the help of the Reiek travel guide, you can plan your travel more easily and have fun. 

Here is everything listed in our Reiek travel guide regarding transportation to Reiek. The only airport in the state is Lingui Airport in Aizawl, which connects to Guwahati and Kolkata. You can take a taxi from Lingui to Reiek Village, which is 35 kilometers from Aizawl. There are rental Tata Sumo and connected buses that offer connectivity to the city. Once in Aizawl, you have the option of taking a taxi or continuing to Reiek village.

The neighboring hills and valleys can be seen from Aizawl. From the top of the hill, one can view the Bangladeshi lowlands on a clear day. Thick, rich, temperate trees and shrubs line Reiek Hill's perimeter. Visitors from adjacent states come here to spend some time for a peaceful getaway from the city's smog. Experience the serenity and beauty of the northeast in this hidden city of Reiek with the Reiek travel guide.

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