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Falkawn Village Tour & Travel Guide

Falkawn Village is a unique cultural spectacle, particularly for first-time visitors. Mizoram is a model town that represents the way of life of the Mizo people, the largest tribe in the state. This innovative concept aims to provide a window into one of our country's most influential tribal cultures.

If you want to learn more about the Mizo culture and way of life, Falkawn tourism is the perfect destination. Here, you can witness and experience the unique manner in which the Mizos live. The village showcases Mizo tribal huts and offers valuable insights into their rich cultural heritage for first-time visitors to Mizoram. , this location is a must-see. Embrace the  Falkawn travel guide and uncover the wonders of this Mizo city in India.



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An Insight into Falkawn Village Tourism

In Falkawn, about 18 kilometres south of Aizawl, the Mizoram Department of Art & Culture

It is a representation of the traditional Lusei village, which had the homes of the chief, chief elder, blacksmith and his shop, common citizens, including the widow who was always given special consideration by the community, and the bachelor's dormitory, or Zawlbuk. Notably, a significant stone monument stands in honour of the seven Mizo patriots who bravely resisted British colonization.

The village offers locals and tourists a unique opportunity to deeply understand and watch the Mizos' traditional way of life. By bus and taxi, there is excellent road access from the site to Aizawl. Falkawn Village tour guide is here to assist you with everything you need to know about this city. 

Falkawn Village is a year-round tourist area that is accessible to visitors. The weather in Mizoram is generally warm and humid, with occasional rainfall. If you want to plan your trip to Falkawan, winter would be the best time as winter in Falkawn is mild, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F).

It is the best time to visit as the weather is comfortable for outdoor activities and sightseeing. It's important to note that the best time to visit Falkawn may also depend on your personal preferences and the activities you plan to do. There are many Falkawn tourist attractions to visit and explore. With the help of our Falkawn travel guide, explore them all.

Hmuifang Mountain, which is 50 kilometers south of Aizawl and has an elevation of 1619 meters, is situated there. For nature enthusiasts and photographers, the nearby forests, which are teeming with unusual species of flora like rare orchids and wildlife, notably avifauna, offer a delightful experience.

The K V paradise was constructed in honor of Mrs. Rosangpui Varte, who passed away in a tragic car accident in 2001, and is located on a hilltop in Durtlang, close to the city of Aizawl.The Durtlang Hills are renowned for their breathtaking vistas since they offer a panoramic sight of the city of Aizawl.

The Experience of the Falkawn Village comes with the festivities, structures, and cuisine of the tribal people. The Nightlife of Falkawn Village Aizawl doesn't have much going on at night. One location where one can have a few beers is Sertawk Bar in Aizawl. Falkawn Village retail stores Shopping for mementoes and Mizo handicrafts are available at the state's biggest street market, Bada Bazaar. Falkawn village promises a distinctive cultural experience and to fully appreciate it, showing sensitivity, openness, and admiration is essential.

In our Falkawn travel guide, everything regarding transportation is mentioned if you're planning a trip to Falkawn village. The only airport in the state is Lingui Airport in Aizawl, which connects to Guwahati and Kolkata. From Lingui, you can travel to Falkawn village via bus or taxi. The closest railway station to Aizawl is Silchar, located 158 kilometres away, with good transportation links to Guwahati Railway Station.

From Silchar, you can hire a Tata Sumo or take a bus to reach Aizawl. Guwahati is located 450 kilometres away from Aizawl, which is also connected to the capital cities of other North-Eastern states via National Highways. For connectivity to the city, there are rental Tata Sumo vehicles and connecting buses. You can take a taxi or an auto rickshaw from Aizawl to Falkawn Village.

When in Falkawn Village or Aizawl, make sure to try renowned Mizo dishes like  MizoBai, Vawksa Rep, and Arsa Buchiar. For local restaurants, David's Kitchen and Earth Rock Cafe.

18 kilometers south of the major city of Aizawl is a little village called Falkawn. This attraction is popular with tourists because it depicts the way of life and Falkawan culture of a typical Mizo village. Come and get to the way of life, culture, and people of this little town Falkawn. Our Falkawn travel guide provides a detailed and comprehensive itinerary to ensure you make the most of your visit.

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