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Tamenglong Tour & Travel Guide

Tourists interested in outdoor vacations will find this hilly area the perfect location. The diverse varieties of flora and fauna in this place give it unparalleled beauty. Tamenglong, a village in Manipur, is famous for its orange cultivation and is home to some of the most unusual plants and animals. Visitors can spot it. Numerous animals in this area's rich forest include hog deer, leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, and tigers. This magnificently endowed town is perfect for nature lovers with its waterfalls, rare animals, and orchards.

This town is worth visiting not only for its unmatched beauty and wildlife diversity but also for the opportunity to see the oranges growing there. Browse this travel guide to learn more about this beautiful Manipuri hill station and what Tamenglong has to offer.



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Barak River, Tousem Barak Waterfall, Mount Kisha Khou, Tamenglong, Kisha Khou ; Zeiladzang Village. Zeiladzang, Tharon Cave, Tamei, Tharon Cave

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16° to 30°

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An Insight into Tamenglong Tourism

Tamenglong, a hill station in the state of Manipur, is a must-visit for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Tamenglong tourism is worth the trip for its beautiful mountain ranges, incredible flora and fauna, and amazing wildlife of the Himalayas that can be observed on the slopes. Other wildflowers bloom here as well, making it a nature lover's paradise. Apart from its natural beauty, Tamenglong has many other places to discover, including the Tharon Caves, Zeilad Lake, Buning Meadow, and more.

It is advisable to pack enough warm clothing during this time. Another good time to plan a trip is at the end of summer. However, it is best to avoid travelling during the monsoon season as it can be difficult. Use this Tamenglong tour guide, to plan your trip during the best weather and enjoy all that Tamenglong has to offer.

There are plenty of things to do in Tamenglong and places to explore. Zeilad Lake is actually rather well-known for its breathtaking beauty, and it's a paradise for adventure seekers. Along with migratory birds, you can find a huge diversity of aquatic species here. Don't forget to carry your camera to capture the beauty of nature. The Tharon Cave is a spectacular example of natural architecture with 34 joints and around 5 exits. The evidence points to the possibility that this society may have existed for a long time.

The river is another popular tourist spot, and the beauty of the area will stay with you forever. Sitting beside the river and feeling the cool breeze brush across your body is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the best sightseeing places in Tamenglong with our travel guide.

Here is everything mentioned in our Tamenglong travel guide regarding the modes of transport to Tamenglong. There is no railway station in Tamenglon, Manipur. The closest railway station is the Dimapur Railway Station, which is approximately 230 kilometers away. It is located on the Lumding-Dibrugarh route, which serves Dimapur and the surrounding areas, After getting off the train, you may want to consider using a local mode of transportation to reach your desired location.

Tamenglong is well connected to other Indian cities through motorable road networks. You can reach here by interstate or private buses, depending on your convenience and location.

The cuisine in Tamenglong features a wide variety of flavorful spices, with numerous ways to prepare fish, rice, and chilies. Rice is a significant staple food in Manipur, and popular dishes include Eromba, Kangsoi, Ngri, and others. Bamboo shoots are also widely used in local recipes. Additionally, both Chinese and European cuisine is well-known in the area.

Tamenglong displays Manipur's unspoiled beauty. This area's hills, narrow valleys, and forests are endowed with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Rongmei, Liangmei, Zemei, Pumei, and Kuki tribes live in the small hamlets that dot the hilltops and valley sides. Indulging in the natural beauty of the hills and the lovely creatures of the forest, nature lovers will undoubtedly have the nicest time here. There are many interesting aspects of Tamenglong's culture to discover, and our Tamenglong travel guide can help you explore them.

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