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Andro Tour & Travel Guide

The Manipur village of Andro is located in the Nongmaiching Hills and boasts natural beauty, a pleasant climate, and kind hospitality. Known for its pottery, Andro is situated in the picturesque Imphal region of Manipur and is home to one of the Loi communities believed to be the area's original settlers. The village is approximately 26 kilometers away from Imphal city and has been well preserved, much like the Shire in The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Andro has several attractions that make it an ideal vacation destination. Its natural beauty, pleasant climate, and warm hospitality are just a few reasons to consider a visit. Let's explore more about this small village together with the Andro travel guide. 



Top Sites

Santhei Natural Park, Andro, Mutua museum, Pinewood Garden, Kaina Temple, Baruni Hill, Selloi Langmai Ecological Park

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16° to 30°

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23°C to 30°C

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08°C to 23°C

An Insight into Andro Tourism

The small town of Andro provides a fascinating glimpse into the intricate tribal traditions of the state.

The community's name is believed to have originated from the local term "handro," which means "the town of the people who returned." Andro’s tourism industry is renowned for its stunning scenery, but it is also a draw due to the village's preservation of its culture and belief system. Visitors to Andro can catch a glimpse of Manipur's past and skills through its traditional handicrafts. 

According to local folklore, the Lois, who make up the majority in Andro, were among the first settlers in Manipur. After being driven away by the local chief, they returned to find the community that would eventually be named Andro. The people of Andro are friendly, warm, and skilled in various handicrafts. They are dedicated to preserving their slowly disappearing traditions and customs, making indulging in the traditional art and craft culture the best thing to do in Andro. For this reason, the villagers constructed a cultural complex/museum in 1993 (under the direction of renowned anthropologist, author, and numismatist Mutua Bahadur), which has since grown to be the center of the village.

Local villagers work together as a community to maintain major tourist attractions that showcase ancient culture and traditions. Santhei Natural Park, built around a reservoir, is a popular picnic spot for locals and visitors. People flock to the to appreciate its natural beauty and nearby gardens and to enjoy Andro sightseeing. 

Craftsmen in Andro use a specially formed wooden bat to shape the clay rather than using a pottery wheel. The potter delicately pounds the clay into whatever form or design they desire using this flat-surfaced bat. After four days of sun-drying, the clay is roasted in the fire.

Then, a natural dye derived from the bark of a nearby tree is used to give the pots a particular sheen. Wangkham, Kambi, Kambi Makhong Panba, and Eshaiphu are a few other kinds. Only married women in Andro are permitted to make pottery. Instead of using traditional pottery processes, they use a flat stone and a bat to mold the mud into the desired shape.

The majority of visitors prefer to take a day trip from Imphal to Andro, which is only 21.4 kilometers away from Imphal Airport and can be reached in little more than 30 minutes by cab, car, or two-wheeler. Private and shared taxis are readily available from Imphal to Andro. Renting motorbikes is another option if you want to enjoy the natural beauty while traveling. Our Andro travel guide can assist you in planning your trip.

One fascinating experience you can have in Andro Village is trying the local rice beverage, a long-standing tradition.  The distillery used for making the drink is similar to the one-at-one featured in one of the miniature museums, with equipment dating back several centuries. Rice ale brewing is one of the professions in Andro village, and the beverage is well-known in Manipur.

Our nation and Manipur take pride in villages like Andro that represent the diversity of our cultures which the locals have skillfully preserved. It is our responsibility to support and uplift these talented craftspeople. With the help of government and tourism, villages like Andro can preserve their tradition and culture. Financial assistance should be provided to the residents to maintain the cultural complex, particularly the interiors of model homes. It is important to organize an annual festival with cultural activities to showcase local talent. If you are passing through the state of Manipur, visit Andro with the Andro travel guide to witness the regional artisans at work and the model cultural complex.

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