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Tadoba Tour & Travel Guide

A beautiful jungle paradise situated in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, Tadoba National Park is a delight for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The rich diversity in flora and fauna of the park and the protected environment make it one of the best Tiger Reserves in the state. In fact, Tadoba National Park is known for most tiger sightings in the state. You can enjoy jeep and elephant safaris through the dense forest. Other attractions of the region are – Erai Dam and Tadoba Lake. If you’re seeking solace in nature and are looking for a getaway nestled in the lap of luscious landscapes, then Tadoba National Park is an ideal destination. It is also a great place for bird watching and wildlife photography. Away from the hustle bustle of the cities, the lush greenery will recharge you with new energy.

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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Tadoba Lake, Pench National Park

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An Insight into Tadoba Tourism

A Mesmerizingly Beautiful National Park & Tiger Reserve

Established in 1955, Tadoba National Park is nestled in the dense forests of Tadoba and Andhari region in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. The name of this national park was derived from the name of the god "Tadoba" or "Taru" - a revered god of the tribes who live in this zone and Andhari - refers to the Andhari river that passes through the forest, and also is the lifeline there. The entire reserve consists of Tadoba National Park (116.55 sq. km.) and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary (508.85 sq. km.). Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is known for its natural heritage and is definitely one of best protected Tiger Reserves in Maharashtra. It is also charted for most visible tiger sightings in the state of Maharashtra. This national park serves as an ideal weekend gateway from nearby cities & town for wildlife and nature lovers. This region is blessed with natural abundance in terms of dense forests, rare species of flora and fauna, streams & rivers and much more to sooth your soul. It is Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve Tadoba National Park, Tadoba Lake, Erai Dam, and Khosla village that create this entire zone.

On the banks of Tadoba Lake, there is a shrine dedicated to the God Taru beneath a large tree. It is believed that Taru was a village chief and was killed in a mythological encounter with a tiger. Once ruled by the Gonds, these forests are near Chimur hills. Earlier a hunting ground, this zone faced complete ban on hunting in 1935 and later after almost twenty years, this zone was declared as a National Park. The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was formed including the nearby forests in 1986, and later both, the National Park & the Wildlife Sanctuary, were merged to form the Tiger Reserve.

However, the prime attractions here include Tadoba national park, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Tadoba Lake and Erai dam. Nearby places such as Moharli and Khosla village also attract tourists. Enchanting wildlife experience and evergreen forest attracts wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. This national park has three ranges, namely the Tadoba north range, Morhurli range and Kolsa south range. The lakes & rivers here get filled every monsoon, and support the animals here. Tadoba Lake, Kolsa Lake, Eirai Lake and Tadoba River are also a home to many aquatic animals here. The Southern tropical dry deciduous type of vegetation here spread includes Teak as the prominent tree. It was accounted in 2016 that the tiger reserve here has 88 tigers and there are around 58 in the forests adjacent to the reserve. Aside the main attraction, Bengal Tiger, Tadoba Tiger Reserve is also populated with Indian leopards, small Indian civet, sloth bears, jungle cats, gaur, nilgai, chital, chausingha, sambar, barking deer, dhole, striped hyena, and honey badger. Marsh crocodiles are also found in the river ones. More than 195 species of birds have been recorded here, some are also endangered species. This park is also filled with more than 74 species of beautiful butterflies including mormons, pansies, swordtail and monarch.

The real experience of the national park can be experienced via the safaris. Tourists make advance bookings for the same. The different types of safaris available here open jeep safari and bus top safari, accompanied with trained local guides.

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