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Nashik Tour & Travel Guide

Nashik is the wine capital of India. Lush expansive vineyards till the horizon, warm welcoming people, and laidback feel, Nashik is the perfect weekend getaway destination. There is a lot to do and explore in this beautiful city. For all you mythology lovers, Nashik is like a gem. The city traces its roots deep into mythology and it is so fascinating to delve deeper into Indian mythology. Ancient Hindu and Jain temples are clustered all over the city. The intricate architecture is a proof of the mighty craftsmanship of the bygone times. Other tourist attractions include – mystical waterfalls, ancient caves, a beautiful bird sanctuary, and mighty dams. If you’re an adventure lover, then you can go for hiking and trekking in hills near Nashik and have a great vacation.

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Nashik Temples, Nashik Waterfalls, Nashik Lake, Nashik Museum

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An Insight into Nashik Tourism

A Jaunt through the Wine Capital of India

Nashik city is around 190 km north of Mumbai, in Maharashtra and is popularly called the "Wine Capital of India". More than half of India’s vineyards and wineries are located here in Nashik. On contrary, Nashik is also called the "Spiritual Capital of Maharashtra", as it has some most revered temples like Trambakeshwar - one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and has holy trails of Shri Ram and his consort Sita. One of the holy sites of the Hinduism, Nashik is situated on the banks of river Godavari and hosts the massive Sinhastha Kumbh Mela every 12th year. This city was ruled by Mughal in 16th century, later by the Peshwa of Maratha Empire. Nashik is also said to have played a crucial role in India’s fight for independence. City is also noted for its participation in freedom struggle. Nashik is also popular as a transit for Shirdi pilgrims.

Nashik holds great mythological, historical, social and cultural importance. This place was primitively known as Panchavati and is one of the holiest place for Hindu pilgrims. As mythology puts it across, Lord Rama, made Nashik (then Panchavati) his abode during his exile of 14 years. This is the place where Lord Laxman, had cut the nose of "Shurpnakha"; thus leading to the nomenclature of this place as "Nashik". The city got its name as Nashik in 1818 during Peshwa rule. However, the reign of Peshwas did not last long and the British captured Nashik. Earlier, Nashik region was ruled by different indigenous rulers namely Mauryan Kingdom, Satavahana Dynasty, Abhira Dynasty, Traikutakas, Vishnukundins, Kalachuris, Chalukyas of Badami, Chalukyas of Badami, Yadavas, Marathas and then the Brit.

Owing to its root to mythology, Nashik boasts of some of the very popular sightseeing places that relate to Lord Ram, his consort Sita and his brother Laxman during their 14 years of exile. The prime attractions at Nashik are Sita Gufaa - where Lord Ram and Sita worshipped Lord Shiva, Tapovan / Tapobhumi where Shurpanakha's nose fell, Panchavati - most sacred place where five sacred Banyan trees are still present, Kalaram Temple, and Ganga Ghat – Ramkunda & Panchavati. Nashik has a well-maintained Mineral Museum (Gargoti Sangrahalaya) at Sinnar and Tarangan planetarium which is worthy for seeing. Some religious places that attract tourists are Pandav Leni - Pandav Caves, Phalke Smaarak, Jain Mandir with a 12 ton Panchdhatu idol of Bhagwan Mahavir, Veda Mandir, Chambhar Leni - Temple of Bhagwan Mahavir, Muktidham, Bhaktidham, Someshwar, Sundarnarayan Temple, Navshya Ganpati Temple, Bhimashanakar, and the most revered Trambakeshwar. Adventure & nature lovers will surely enjoy Godavari river edge, trekking in hills near to Nashik, Gangapur Dam, Dudhsagar Fall, Stone Age Site near Gangapur village, Anjaneri Parvat near Trambakeshwar and the Bird Sanctuary Nandur.

As Indian wine continues its coming of age, Nashik's has grown as a popular wine tourism destination. The popular Sula Wines - Winery offers day tour and wine tasting opportunities for the wine lovers. It is said that India's best wines are produced locally and an afternoon touring the vineyards in the countryside, topped with some wine tasting is indeed a great experience.

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