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Omkareshwar Tour & Travel Guide

Omkareshwar is an ancient town situated on the banks of River Narmada. It’s a popular pilgrimage in Madhya Pradesh and the ancient Maheshwar Shiva Temple is the most popular. There are 12 jyotirlings shrines in India, and Omkareshwar is one of them. There are many stories about the formation of this place. Each is unique and so mesmerizing. You need to visit Omkareshwar once to feel the energy and seek blessings of Lord Shiva. Apart from visiting the many temples, you can also enjoy a relaxing boat ride in river Narmada. Serene mountains, meandering river, and cascading greens welcome you in Omkareshwar. Due to its close proximity to Indore, people often club these two destinations for an extended trip.

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Omkareshwar Temple, Omkareshwar Island, Omkareshwar Lake, Omkareshwar Museum

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An Insight into Omkareshwar Tourism

Connect with the pure vibes of spirituality in the distinctly blessed point of Omkareshwar

Situated on the holy river Narmada, Omkareshwar is a popular pilgrim destination, in western Madhya Pradesh. This place is a holy island also called as Mandhata or Shivapuri that has a very ancient Mamaleshwar Temple dedicated of Lord Shiva. Situated around 80 km from Indore, this island as two lofty hills that create a shape of “OM” of the island. Be it nature or a coincidence or something else but this ‘OM’ symbol on this island makes the place miraculous and highly revered because OM is sacred to Hinduism, and is a sound with great energy & intensity and it is believed to have given birth to this whole universe. There are 12 Jyotirlinga shrines in India and here it is the Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga in Mamaleshwar Temple. Thousands of devotees comes to this abode of Lord Shiva every day and this count increases to millions during festivals like Mahashivaratri & Sawan month.

As per Hindu legend and scholar, the deity of Vindyachal mountain range - Vindya, was worshipping Shiva to evade himself from his sins. During this, he created the sacred diagram of OM and a Shiva-Lingam using sand & clay. Lord Shiva was pleased with his ardent worship and He appeared (as believed) in two forms, namely Amaleswara and Omkareshwar. As Vindya had made mud Om during his worship, the island came to be known as Omkareswar.

There are other stories that relate to the formation of this place. Anothehr ones mentions King Mandhata (an ancestor of Lord Ram) worshipped Lord Shiva here earnestly & sincerely until Lord manifested himself as a Jyotirlinga. A story from Hindu scriptures narrates that once the Devas and Danavas(demon) fought a war and the demons won. This was a major embarrassment to the Devas so they prayed Lord Shiva. On being pleased Lord Shiva emerged here in the form of Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga and thereafter defeated the demon or Danavas.

These stories might not have any existing proof to establish themselves, but what remains in Omkareshwar definitely allures tourist and pilgrims. The prime places to visit here includes the most revered Mamleshwar Temple, Sculptures at Mamleshwar Temple, Sculpture at Omkareshwar Temple, Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga , Omkareshwar Palace, Gomukh ghat, and the Adi Shankara's Cave. Also do not forget to take a boat ride in river Narmad for some serene views.

Omkareshwar, adorned with lofty hills and the positioning of these hills make river Narmada calm like a serene lake / pool. Above this area runs a cantilever type bridge, so do take a walk on this bridge and enjoy the scenic beauty of this island. The beauty and divinity make this island town like a magical spell which mesmerizes every onlooker.

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