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Mangalore Tour & Travel Guide

A modern city with an old school heart, that’s the perfect way to describe Mangalore. It’s nested amidst coconut groves, gorgeous beaches, and has intricate temple architecture. Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker, history buff, or photography enthusiast, exploring the different hues of Mangalore is an enriching experience for all kinds of travelers. The balance between past and present is maintained so well in this dainty city. You can get away from the concrete world, spend some time in the lush landscapes and rekindle the romance in your relationship. The roots of culture and heritage go deep. The popular traditional folk dance Yaksha Gana originated in Mangalore and it is a visual treat to see a performance.

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Top Sites

Mahatobhaara Shri Mangaladevi Temple, Kadri Shree Manjunatha Temple, Panamburu Beach, St. Aloysius Chapel, Sultan Bathery

April to June

22°C to 34°C

July to Sep

20°C to 26°C

Oct to Feb

14°C to 20°C

An Insight into Mangalore Tourism

A Getaway with Coconut Tree Fringed Beaches & Ancient Temples

Mangalore is a port city in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka state. It is around 295 km from Bangalore and is well connected via all modes of transport. Mangalore is said to have been named after goddess Mangaladevi. There are a few local names for the city like Kudla, Mangalooru, Mangalapuram, 'Kodeyaala, Kodial, Maikala and Manjarun, each belonging to different language. Finally, Mangalore at present is officially named as Mangaluru.

Mangaluru is situated at the creek / mouth of the Netravathi and Gurupur Rivers, as they merge with the Arabian Sea and is a prime port city supporting international trade ever since 6th century. In the past, it was a trading port that catered to Persian Gulf states way back in 14th century. Owing to its strategic location, this place was taken over and ruled by many dynasties and colonial rulers. It was the Portuguese in 16th century, Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan in the 18th century and the British later on. Mangaluru is place blessed with abundance natural beauty.

Surroundings fringed with swaying coconut trees, serene & beautiful beaches and exemplary temple architecture define the beauty of this place. This place is a quick getaway from the hustle bustle of metropolitans, the pleasing natural environment topped with engaging sightseeing places such as the Mangaladevi temples, KREC beach, Someshwara beach, Panambur beach, Tannirbavi Beach, and Seemanthini Bai Bajai Museum, makes the places popular. Some other attractions here are Shree Kalikamba Vinayaka Temple, Shree Shanaishchara Temple, Venkataramana Temple, Kudroli Gokarnanatha, Jamia Masjid Kudroli, Kadri Manjunatheswara, Urwa Marigudi, Adyapady Adinatheshwara, Sharavu Ganapathi Temple, Kateel Durgaparameshwari, St. Aloysious Chapel, Milagres Church, Ullal Dargha, Kudtheri Mahamaya Temple and not to miss the Shreemanti Bai Memorial Museum,

Much like other Kannada cities, Mangaluru is deep rooted to its culture & heritage and people take pride in their traditional music and dance. One such is the Yaksha Gana, the folk dance of Mangalore. This is a visual treat for any outsider and is sure to add colours to your trip. So if you get a change to enjoy some traditional art-forms, do not miss them.

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