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Ranchi Tour & Travel Guide

Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, is a beautiful town on the Chhota Nagpur Plateau. Before the state was separated from Bihar, it served as the summer capital. Ranchi derives its name from the "Archi," which means bamboo forest. The village is 2,140 feet above sea level and is surrounded by red dirt. Ranchi is well-known for its waterfalls, green hills, barren cliffs, and stunning valleys.

Ranchi Tourism is encircled by forests home to a wide range of vegetation and wild animals. Bear, nilgai, hare, sambar, and chital can all be found in the woodlands. On top of tourist itineraries are stunning waterfalls such as Hundru Falls, Panch Gagh Falls, Jonha Falls, Hirni Falls, and Usri Falls. Ranchi was at the center of India’s freedom struggle.

Top Sites

Patratu Valley, Jagannath Mandir, Jonha Falls, Pahari Mandir, Ranchi Ashram, Dassam falls

April to June

20° to 39°C

July to Sep

25° to 31°C

Oct to Feb

05° to 25°

An Insight into Ranchi Tourism

Ranchi is blessed with beautiful surroundings and alluring views everywhere.

It had been a hill resort city under British rule. About 40% of the country's total mineral reserves are found in Ranchi City, which is known as a state rich in minerals. Despite this, Ranchi is a charming town with verdant forests, serenity, and stunning vistas of nature. Simply because of its undiscovered beauty, Ranchi surprises most tourists. There is something inexplicably charming and alluring about this city with its straightforward lifestyle and natural heritage. There are many popular places to visit in Ranchi, including waterfalls, temples, and picturesque vistas.

If you are keen on traveling, Ranchi is a must-visit place then. Our Ranchi travel guide is here with all the information for planning a vacation to this city. Ranchi remains on the top of the most visited places in India and is a well-known tourist destination in Jharkhand. Ranchi is located at 23°21'N and 85°20'E, with summertime highs of 20 to 42 °C and wintertime lows of 0 to 25 °C. There are numerous Ranchi tourist places that you can visit and explore the hidden enchanting beauty. We will discuss it further in this Ranchi travel guide.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ranchi is Hundru Falls. The Subarnarekha river plunges 320 feet from this point. Popular picnic and swimming areas include the lagoons that can be found at the base of the falls. The distance from Ranchi to Jonha Falls, also called Gautamdhara, is about 40 kilometers. It is accessible by both train and road. You may view the falls by going down around 500 steps. The temple of Lord Buddha is located inside a guesthouse, and the Kanchi River flows nearby..

Ranchi Hill And Pahari Mandir are one of Ranchi's famous landmarks. On top of the hill is a Pahari Mandir, where the Shiva temple is located. Ranchi Lake can be found at the foot of the mountain. In 1842, Colonel Onsely dug the Ranchi Lake.

The Jagannathpur Temple is 10 kilometers from Ranchi. The 1691 construction of the Jagannathpur Temple resembles the Puri Temple's architecture. Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo of Barkagarh Jagannathpur constructed the temple. Every year, a rath yatra resembling the Puri one is organized.

With a network of highways, railroads, and aircraft, Ranchi is well connected. Numerous State Highway and REO roads connect various district locations to other locations inside and outside. The Birsa Munda Airport connects the location to the major cities in the nation. Flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Patna, and Raipur are frequent. Ranchi Railway Station, which has the station code RNC, is the primary rail station in Ranchi. Ranchi is now well-connected to most major Indian towns via rail. Several auto-rickshaws and cycle rickshaws also operate in the city.

Although it also contains flavors from Mughlai, Bengali, and Bihari cuisines, Ranchi's traditional food is mostly influenced by its tribal population. This area's cuisine has a unique flavor. Unlike the cuisine of other states, the regional cuisine is still the same and has not undergone extensive development. You can enjoy delicacies like Singhara or Samosa in the city's restaurants. Visit any tribal village or a tribal wedding to experience the different local cuisine of this part of the region. The locals enjoy the spicy, non-vegetarian meals quite a bit. Various kinds of tarkari (vegetables), dal (lentils), and bhat are among the ingredients frequently utilized in Ranchi cuisine (rice). 

Rice is a cornerstone of the main course and a favorite of the locals. Some flowers, such as drumstick blossoms and jhirool, are consumed as vegetables by tribal people. Ranchi residents enjoy eating saag (green) vegetables, including palak, bathua, methi, and chana. Another crucial component of the everyday diet is curd. The most popular fruits eaten in this region include Mango, Banana, Apple, etc.

East India's political, economic, industrial, and educational center of Ranchi offers numerous opportunities for travel and exploring Ranchi sightseeing. Ranchi, also known as "The City of Waterfalls," is one of the most convenient places on earth and benefits from nature's abundance to the fullest. Your eyes and soul will be treated to a feast in Jharkhand's capital. It is a paradise on earth because of its location and the surrounding lush trees, and you can also explore all these with our Ranchi travel guide.

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