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Haryana Tours & Holidays

Haryana is a state situated in the Northern part of India. Haryana map is shared along with Punjab and Himachal to the north and Rajasthan to the west and south.  There are numerous attractions here ranging from majestic fortresses, beautiful temples, stunning waterfalls, exotic wildlife preserves, and much more. From exciting adventures to peaceful spiritual retreats, Haryana has something to offer for everyone coming here on a vacation.

The state, which is among the richest in South Asia, is renowned for its enduring traditions and extensive cultural history. Several rivers run through this landlocked nation. Adventurers, history buffs, and anyone interested in culture is definitely going to enjoy this state.  Haryana's tourism sector is expanding and as per several reports, it receives a large number of domestic and foreign tourists each year. 




25 million

Top Sites

Gurgaon, Kurukshetra, Panchkula, Faridabad, Panipat, Narnaul, Nuh, Karnal

An Insight into Haryana Tourism

Land that witnessed epic battles, Colorful sunsets, and offers soul-soothing adventure

In addition to being well known for its historical sites, pleasant weather, and charming landscapes, Haryana is also well-known for its enormous cultural diversity. The state is also praised for its friendly atmosphere and modern structures are just as important as its vast expanses of green fields, colorful sunsets, and rich culture that permeates every part of it. The best handicraft and handloom carnivals can be found in Haryana, a state that is genuinely traditional in every sense. The state is home to several bird species, both migratory and resident, and boasts an excellent variety of flora and fauna. It has various names, but one of them is "The Abode of God." On this territory, Veda Vyasa penned the Mahabharata. The great fight between the Kauravas and Pandavas in the Mahabharata took place at Kurukshetra in the state of Haryana.

There are many beautiful temples and lakes to behold. Rock climbing, kayaking, and trekking are just a few of the activities available to the avid explorer in Haryana. In the state of Haryana, you can travel to close to 10 to 12 tourist destinations. Visit them for sightseeing, history, culture, towers, gardens, temples, lakes, folklore, bird sanctuaries, and other things. A region like Haryana, which offers exquisite artistic creations like floral embroidery and jutis, cannot be left empty-handed. This Haryana tour guide is going to give you an exceptional ride of this very known beauty. 

The lower Shivalik Hills in the northeast, the Yamuna-Ghaggar plain, the Bagar semi-desert plain in the southwest, and the Aravalli Ranges in the south are the state's four primary geographical features. The Yamuna and the Ghaggar are the two most significant of the many rivers and their tributaries that run through the state. The winters in Haryana are warm, even though the summers can get quite hot here.

Haryana features a variety of temples that contribute to the area's spiritual atmosphere because of its illustrious heritage. Haryana's sightseeing places consist of ruins and other significant architectural landmarks in addition to the spiritual experience. As the greenest state in India, there is also enough natural beauty to be explored, and you will be amazed by the vast diversity of flora, wildlife, and the numerous types of animals and birds it is home to.

In Haryana, the majority of women work in the fields alongside males, therefore the state's crafts are straightforward and only used for what they were intended for. Explore the Panipat handlooms when visiting the state; you might even leave with a rug or cloth for furniture upholstery. Woven furniture, beautiful pottery, and woodcarving are additional examples of the arts produced in Haryana. A wide variety of folk dances are performed by the Haryana population at significant events including weddings, births, and other festivals. Do try to attend a performance of the ghoomar dancing form, in which young women spin and sing to rapidly accelerating beats while holding thalis on their heads. Haryana celebrates every holiday quite joyfully.

Reaching Haryana is quite easy and there are a number of conveniences to choose from, a detailed summary of which is given in this Haryana travel guide. Chandigarh is home to Haryana's primary airport, which has good connections to the country's largest cities. Travelers can also fly into Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport and then drive into Haryana. Chandigarh is once again the primary railroad hub for Haryana. In addition, travelers have the choice of traveling by train to any of Delhi's four railway stations, which are conveniently located throughout Haryana.

Haryana's cuisine reflects the region's residents' modesty by being straightforward and honest. People in Haryana favor native cuisine that is both produced and cooked at home because the state is very agrarian. Milk is abundant in the state of Haryana, and people there clearly enjoy it because milk and milk products are a staple of their diet. Its cuisine captures the wholesome, natural ethos of this agrarian nation. The bulk of the Haryanvi population is vegetarian, and they eat a simple diet of roti, vegetarian sabzi, saag, and large amounts of homemade milk products like ghee (clarified butter), lassi, buttermilk, curds, and kheer. A spicy red chile, onions, and garlic chutney are typically served with meals.

Haryana is an interesting region that offers various tourist spots in India. Mountains surround it in the north and deserts in the south. There are also more things to do in Haryana, such as go rock climbing, or to a zoo or amusement park. This stunning location provides a wealth of travel options and transports you on a soul-soothing adventure.

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