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Vadodara Tour & Travel Guide

Vadodara is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Gujarat. It boasts of a beautiful vacation experience full of fun filled explorations, shopping, and gastronomical treats. The city has a confluence of cultures and religions. One can see glimpses of Mughal rule in the architecture and the vibe of the city. The city is a delight for history and architecture lovers. The world famous Laxmi Nivas Palace is the main highlight of the city. The grandeur and opulence is something that needs to be seen to be experienced. Some other tourist attractions are – temples, museum, parks, and Pavagarh Champaner which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Navratri is celebrated with great fervor in Vadodara. All nine days are like a big festival and it is a great time to witness the myriad colors and hues of our colorful heritage. Enjoy the cultural extravaganza during Navratri in Vadodara and carry back fond memories for a lifetime.

Vadodara Map

1.8 million

Top Sites

Lalbaug Palace, Sayaji Baug, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara Museum

April to June

29°C to 34°C

July to Sep

27°C to 32°C

Oct to Feb

22°C to 27°C

An Insight into Vadodara Tourism

City that Embraced the New & Modern and Nursed the Past & Old

Vadodara, also called Baroda, is a prime city of Gujarat (India) and was named after the flourishing Vad (banyan) trees. The home to a premier university - Maharaja Sayajirao University, most lavish palaces - the Lakshmi Vilas Palace, UNESCO World Heritage Site Champaner & Pavagadh nearby, and many more monuments, Vadodara has maintained the relics of the past with great attention. At the same time, the city has embraced modern developments with great enthusiasm. This city is a delight for tourists and a two day jaunt here will be packed with sightseeing and shopping experiences.

The first ever recorded history of Vadodara sights that trader settlers settled in the region in 812 AD. This province was primarily ruled by Hindu kings until 1297. The Gupta Empire and the Chaulukya Dynasty were the power holders here

As Muslim rule spread across India, the reins of Vadodara was snatched by the Delhi Sultans, who ruled this place until Mughals took over. Later it was the British Empire and then it became a part of independent India.

A delight for any traveler, Vadodara has in store a number of sightseeing places. Some must see places here are Fatehsingh museum & Laxmi Vilas Palace, The EME temple, The Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club, Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) and more. There are a number of touristy places nearby Vadodara. Sankheda for lacquer coated furniture, Pavagadh-Champaner the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pavagadh Kalika mandir via Manchi Ropeway, and Tribal Academy at Tejgarh.

Navaratri celebration here at Vadodara is said to be the most happening one. All these nine days of festival, celebrated with as much zeal and exuberance. So when planning a holiday at Vadodara, make sure you are here during the Navaratri festival to enjoy the euphoria.

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