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Kutch Tour & Travel Guide

The beautiful white desert with stunning colorful culture and heritage, Rann og Kutch is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Gujarat. The place is a delight for tourists and has something for everyone – photographers, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. The pristine white backdrop has been a setting for various Bollywood films. Kutch is famous the world over for its intricate handicrafts, tribal jewelry, and handlooms. Detailed embroidery and appliqué work on handlooms done by local women is very popular. It is also home to DholaVeera, one of the five Harappan sites from Indus Valley Civilization. Rann Utsav is a popular cultural festival that attracts thousands of international tourists. It is a one of a kind festival and tourists can enjoy sightseeing, get a glimpse of the rich heritage and traditions of the region, visit tourist attractions and pilgrimage sites, and enjoy shopping. Plan your trip in winters during full moon nights to witness the ethereal white desert sparkling with radiance.

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Top Sites

Rann of Kutch, Rann of Kutch National Park, Rann of Kutch Bird Sanctuary, Rann of Kutch Wetland

April to June

22°C to 28°C

July to Sep

20°C to 26°C

Oct to Feb

14°C to 22°C

An Insight into Kutch Tourism

Shimmering White Desert & Colorful Culture creating Lifetime Experience

Shimmering on a moonlit night to allure any onlooker, The Rann of Kutchh in Gujarat is one of the most fascinating white deserts. This place is a photographer’s delight and has been the backdrop of many Bollywood (Indian Hindi Film Industry) movies. The place has mesmerized writers & poets and has a mention in a Booker Prize-Winning Novel, Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. The place derived its name from the word "Rann" which means desert in Hindi and “Kutchh” is the district it is located in. It is one of the largest salt deserts in the world and the zone is of two parts, the Great Rann of Kutchh and Little Rann of Kutchh. These salt depositories are known to create mirages, and many travelers & pilgrims have shared their experiences of experiencing optical illusion, which then seemed real. Rann of Kutchh is a humongous flooded grassland that has desert on one side & Arabian Sea on the other. This picturesque location is so inviting & invigorating, that it is definitely present in every travel aficionado’s bucket list. Government of Gujarat organizes the very famous Rann Utsav, a fortnight long extravagant festival of culture here at Rann of Kutchh every winters and it is very popular amongst Indian & International tourist. This desert-like Rann of Kutchh is mostly marshy and runs into the horizon.

Summers make this place dry leaving a white coating of salt. As monsoon showers, the desert is converted into salty clay and mudflats. This areas is on an average 15 meters above mean sea level and gets filled up with waters, which stay stagnant. The Rann of Kutchh is also a home to an array of flora and fauna and many migratory birds make this place their abode during different weather conditions. The Rann also has a famous Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary that has Asiatic wild ass, wolves, foxes, jackals, chinkara gazelles, nilgai antelope and blackbucks. The area is a seasonally marshy saline clay desert. Kutchh is famous globally for its handicrafts, beautiful beaches, forts and above all Dholaveera, one of the five Harappan sites that belong to the Indus Valley Civilization. Exquisite crafts are made by women here. Intricate embroidery and applique work on bed sheets, sarees, dress materials, cushion covers etc., allures every onlooker and makes it difficult to control the urge to buy. One can also find beautiful & colorful Bandhani (tie and die) sarees & fabrics, silverware and other handicrafts.

During winter Rann Utsav or Kutchh Utsav is organized by government of Gujarat every year. This festival is one of its kind festival where one experiences a mélange of culture, sightseeing, heritage tour, pilgrim tours and much more. Ensure to plan your trip to this utsav during the full white moon nights for that shimmering white dessert experience.

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