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Dwarka Tour & Travel Guide

Dwarka is one of the four destinations in the Char Dham Yatra. The other 3 destinations of Char Dham are – Rameshvaram in south, Jagganth Puri in east, and Badrinath in north. The land of Lord Krishna, Dwarka attracts devotees from all over the country. It is situated on the banks of river Gomti and the entire city has a spiritual feel. Dwarkadish temple is the main attraction, but there are various other beautiful ancient temples where one can go for sightseeing. Vhadrakali temple, Geeta mandir, Rukmani mandir, and Hanuman mandir are some of them. If you’re planning a trip for spiritual awakening, then Dwarka is indeed a great destination. The temples give a glimpse into heritage, culture, and mythology. Janamashtami is one festival which is celebrated with zeal and fervor in Dwarka.

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Top Sites

Dwarkadhish Temple, Rukmini Kund, Bet Dwarka, Somnath Temple

April to June

28°C to 34°C

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26°C to 32°C

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21°C to 27°C

An Insight into Dwarka Tourism

A Mythological Journey through the Kingdom of Lord Krishna

Dwarka, situated on the western end of the Saurashtra in Gujarat, India; is fondly called the “kingdom of Lord Krishna”. This city will surely enchant you with its holiness in the air and love for Krishna in the heart. Filled with pilgrims & Krishna Bhakts though out the year, Dwarka is right on the bank of the Gomti River, and is one of the Chardhams, out of 4 most revered Hindu pilgrimage sites and also a Sapta Puri, i.e., seven most ancient religious places of India. Ranchhodrai (as Lord Krishna is affectionately called by locally), came here from Mathura to establish is his new kingdom and planned to spend a significant part of his life, here. It is believed that after the death of Lord Krishna, the Yadav dynasty declined.

This place was struck by a massive flood, which engulfed entire Dwarka and submerged it to the bottom of the ocean. Interestingly, the National Institute of Oceanography, Marine Archeology Unit and Archeological Survey of India conducted underwater study on the coastal water of Dwarka, in recent era and the results show the existence of a city dated to the 2nd millennium BC.

However, current excavations definitely give us reason to ponder over if this myth too has a historical basis. In present day, Dwarka is a popular pilgrim destination for the Dwarkadheesh temple and is also a home to many notable historical and religious sites. Thousands of Krishna devotees come here to partake in elaborate festivities of Janmashtami every year.

This city is mostly visited by pilgrims as a part of their Char Dham Darshan to Dwarkadhish mandir. Other than this temple there are a number of places in & around Dwarka that one can go for sightseeing. Some most visited ones are Nageshwar Temple, Gopi Talav, Beyt Dwarka, Hanuman Mandir, Rukmini Mandir, Gayatri Shakti Peeth, Geeta mandir, Siddeshwar Mahadev, Bhadrakali temple, Bhadkeshwar temple and more. Panchtirth is on the other side of Gomti river and a must see place with 5 different wells that have completely different taste of water.

A trip to Dwarka will bring forth the most spiritual and pious bit of Gujarat. The temples, the people and their heritage have a culture that is as rich as the legends, the mythology and beliefs that surround them.

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