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  • For food lovers, culinary tours present an excellent opportunity to enjoy a huge variety of food – local cuisines, seafood, traditional dishes, festive meals and drinks. While you explore a famous city's sights and sounds with great interest, there's no point in missing out on its food variety! Food tours provide an emotional connection with a city or a town and its residents. They leave you with wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

  • Wherever you head in the Indian subcontinent, you'll come across a huge variety of food that will quickly tickle your taste-buds. If you're visiting India, you should definitely start on a culinary or food tour where you'll have the opportunity to discover the different flavours of the country. Right from Delhi and Goa to Rajasthan and Mumbai, there's plenty to taste, enjoy and remember. In fact, every popular tourist destination in India has some unique street food, traditional cuisines and beverages to offer. Punjabi food, Rajasthani cuisines, Goan dishes, South Indian food and Delhi street food are a favourite among travellers. Famous north Indian dishes include Indian butter chicken, Rogan Josh, Tandoori chicken, Murgh Malai Kabab, Paneer Makhani Butter Masala, Dal Makhani, Naan, Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai etc. In the southern India, you'll love savouring food items like Dosa, Vada, Idli, Uttapam, Upma, Masala Vadai, Avial etc. There's much more for you to relish!

  • When in Nepal, you'll love to indulge in the Kathmandu Valley and Newari food. There are also numerous street stalls and local shops where you can have a toothsome experience. Popular Nepali food that you should never miss out on include Kathmandu lassi, momos, Nepali tea, Nepali desserts, drinks, snacks etc. Likewise, Sri Lanka is also a haven for food lovers and gourmets. Most importantly, the freshly cooked seafood and mouthwatering desserts of Sri Lanka are a food lover's true delight. Bangladesh, particularly its capital Dhaka, is a good place to taste a variety of Bengali cuisines and desserts.

  • Max Holidays will prove to be your best travel partner, no matter where in the Indian subcontinent you would like to go on a culinary tour. Our travel experts' team is equipped with all the information about different hotels, restaurants, street shops, roadside stalls and other food corners for a perfect food adventure. We have a number of pre-designed culinary tour packages that you can choose from. If these tours don't have everything that you're looking for, you should feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We'll tailor-make a food tour precisely according to your individual interests and budgetary requirements.

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Golden Triangle Food Tour

The artistic and cultural tradition of royal state of Rajasthan is easily seen in its old building...
07 Days

India Food Tour Reviews

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    from Lisbon - 23 November, 2018

    "Being a foodie person, I just love trying new food from different places. As I went through my bucket list, India was going to be my new hunt. Max Holidays helped me out in the same and I loved their company. Well, India is a hub of cuisines and I tried infinite dishes here, none of them tasted non-satisfactory."

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    from Portugal - 9 March, 2018

    "I am really in guilt of not being able to carry some of the ‘very tasty’ cuisines of India along with me here to Japan. I loved each and every bit of the time I spent here. Especially, Raj Kachori and Ram Ladoo stole the limelight. However, they belonged to street food of India but I found them the best. "

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    from Brazil - 16 February, 2018

    "The list of the food that I loved here is ‘never-ending’. Trust me, Max Holidays has not left even a single shop and thus, has enabled me to try every local food present on my way during the trip. Anyway, talking about the food that is on first for me was the ‘Gatte ki Sabzi’, I had in Rajasthan. "