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Silchar Tour & Travel Guide

Silchar, often known as the "Island of Peace," is one of the top tourist destinations in Assam. It is the second-largest city in the state and the administrative center of the Cachar district.

The city takes great pleasure in its rich legacy, cultural diversity, vibrant views, and spectacular mountains, which are also the highlights of Silchar tourism in Assam. The abundance of opportunities for all kinds of enlightening discoveries makes Silchar the ideal destination for tourists, people looking for serenity, and adventure enthusiasts. The tourist destinations in Silchar have a lot to offer, ranging from stunning natural scenery to magnificent architecture. Let’s start with Silchar travel guide and explore Assam's natural beauty.



Top Sites

Bhubaneswar Temple, Sri Kancha Kanti Devi Mandir, National Institute of Technology, Kachari Fort,  GandhiBagh Park, Maniharan Tunnel

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29°c to 40°c

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19°c to 28°c

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5°c to 15°c

An Insight into Silchar Tourism

Cachar district's administrative center is in Silchar, the second-largest city in Assam.

Speaking of the local Sylhet language, Bengalis comprise over 90% of the population. People from Bihar, Bishnupur, Manipur, Rajasthan, and various indigenous communities, especially the Nagas, make up the remaining 10% of the population. It is located in the region referred to as Barak Valley, alongside the Barak River.

Because it has so much to offer travelers of all types, it is one of the most visited cities in Assam. Silchar has a highly maintained natural environment and a culturally rich past. The abundance of tourist attractions across the city, including the Maniharan Tunnel, Gandhibag Park, Maibong, Hazo, and Bhubaneswar Temple, speaks volumes about Silchar's rich cultural history.

Tropical monsoon weather prevails in Silchar, and is usually lovely all year. However, January through April and September through December are the best months to visit Silchar because the weather is perfect for Silchar sightseeing and trips throughout these months. Since Silchar experiences frequent downpours that might occasionally put tourists in a risky situation, it is advised against visiting it during the monsoon season.

Due to the abundance of natural beauty, rich culture, heritage monuments, ancient temples, and breathtaking landscapes, Silchar remains a top destination for travelers worldwide. Here are some top places to see in Silchar mentioned in the Silchar travel guide. Maniharan Tunnel, which has a profound resonance with Lord Krishna's visit to the town, is among the main tourist attractions in Silchar and holds a religious significance. 

Khaspur, 20 kilometers from Silchar, is a must-visit location to learn about the historical landmarks. The majority of the buildings have been destroyed by the passage of time. However, architectural marvels like King's Temple. The park hosts the Gandhi Mela each year, bringing local artisans together. Numerous stalls are set up to display and market the lovely Assamese handicrafts and handlooms.

Dolu Lake in Silchar is excellent for catching beautiful sunrise and sunset views. Visitors can experience breathtaking natural beauty at this lake, from the tranquil surroundings to the peaceful setting. The magnificent Badarpur Fort, a Mughal-era cultural monument, is a must-see in Silchar, Assam.

Due to its excellent infrastructure, Silchar is well connected to other regions of the nation via the following modes of transportation. You can choose as given in the Silchar travel guide. The second busiest airport in Assam is located in Silchar, which benefits from good air connectivity. There are numerous flights available from and to nearby cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, and Tezpur, there are multiple flights available.

Imphal Airport, just a short distance from Silchar, is the alternate airport that travelers might consider. The maximum distance from Silchar airport is 20.9 km, and from Imphal airport is 111 km. One of India's earliest railway stations, Silchar, was constructed in 1899 by the Assam-Bengal Railway. It is directly connected to Guwahati Railway Station, a connecting hub for all significant Indian cities. The maximum distance covered from the rail station is 17 km.

The cuisine in Silchar provides its residents with a range of delicacies, from delectably enticing Chinese food to real Assamese and Bengali cuisine. Silchar residents prefer to experiment with their meals, even though rice is their primary food. People in Silchar enjoy eating fast food, North Indian, and Mughlai cuisine.

Any Assamese family's meals almost always include rice or "Bhaat." There are several ways to make rice in this region, including puffed rice (muri), parched paddy grain (akhoi), flattened rice (cheera), fried rice (sandoh Guri), pound rice (pithguri), bora saul, and komal saul.

Another significant food source in the area is fish. Here, fish is also served exceptionally differently. For example, fish is often cooked as a sour meal called "masor tenga." In Assam, a popular delicacy known as "patot dita mas" is fish that has been steamed or baked. In addition to these ingredients, fish is also served with papaya, noroxingho (curry leaves), tomatoes, bhedailota (skunk vine), and white gourd. Mutton, chicken, pigeon, or duck can make meat dishes. The most popular words were chicken with Kol dil and duck with hil kumura (white gourd) (banana flower). Pork is somewhat popular as well.

Tourists may find various things to do in the lovely town of Silchar. Silchar is the perfect location for your next trip, offering everything from tours to holy temples to leisurely evenings by the lake. So pack your luggage and prepare for a delightful trip to this charming town.

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