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Jorhat Tour & Travel Guide

Nothing in Assam compares to Jorhat's unique fusion of various cultures and fascinating history, which justifies visiting and spending money in this town. The history of this well-known tourist destination in Assam reveals that Jorhat served as the Ahom Dynasty's final capital.

This Assamese tourist attraction is also regarded as a significant educational hub for the state. Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat Institute of Science, Northeast Institute of Management and Technology, and Jorhat Medical College are just a few of the town's illustrious educational institutions. Wildlife Sanctuary of Hoollongapar, Gymkhana Club, Cinnamon Tea Estate, and Tocklai Tea Research Centre are a few well-known names among Jorhat's top attractions. Our Jorhat travel guide is here to give you some information about this largest tea estate in the country.


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Top Sites

Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Dhekiakhowa Barnamghar, Lachit Borphukan's Maidam

April to June

29°c to 40°c

July to Sep

19°c to 28°c

Oct to Feb

5°c to 15°c

An Insight into Jorhat Tourism

Jorhat captivates you immediately with its massive cityscape adorned with lush tea gardens and dotted with fascinating monuments.

Jorhat is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, but what gives it its special allure is the cultural legacy of its forebears, which has endured through the years. Before their fall, the regal and mighty kings of the Ahom kingdom called this place home. It thrived as a significant hub for tea plantations while governed by the British. Jorhat indicates the city's significance in trade, which means "two markets."

Jorhat is well recognized for its tourism and is fortunate to have many tourist destinations with historical significance. The city has a long history and rich cultural heritage under the Ahom kings. Tourists can be a part of the Jorhat sightseeing and the surrounding areas to witness the stunning tombs constructed during the Ahom era and the graves of early Ahom kings.

As July draws near, the monsoon season begins in Jorhat and lasts through September. The climate in Assam is tropical rainforest, with high humidity and rainfall. Additionally, treks and national parks are closed during the monsoon. Therefore, there are better times to travel to Jorhat. The early summers, monsoons, and winters are hence the ideal times to visit Jorhat. Our Jorhat travel guide will help you plan according to the weather conditions mentioned here. 

Talking about prime tourist places in Jorhat, Hoollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Jorhat. The primate species' conservation is a goal of the sanctuary. Other wild creatures spotted here are the elephant, tiger, wild boar, stump-tailed macaque, and capped langur. Tocklai is the original tea research institute; it was founded in 1911. Considered as the biggest and most established research center of its kind in the entire globe.

Jorhat is famous for its Cinnamora Tea Estate, which is Assam's first tea garden, and its significance can be calculated. Maniram Dewan founded the tea estate in the year 1850. Mahadeva, a saint, and reformer, founded Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar. It is among the state's oldest sambars (places of prayer). This location has a long history that extends to the fifteenth century. The area has been a significant Baisnav pilgrimage site since its founding.

As one of the busiest cities in Assam, Jorhat has excellent access to all forms of transportation. The airport closest to Jorhat, often called the Jorhat Airport, is the Rowriah Airport. It is located inside the city, making it convenient, and 7 kilometers from its core. Flights from and to India's major cities, including Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, etc., are available from the airport.

The Jorhat Town Railway Station, located on the Furkating-Jorhat-Mariani branch line, is closest to Jorhat. It is included in the NFR zone's Tinsukia Railway Division. The Shatabdi Express, Intercity Express, and other trains are available at the station. The Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) of Jorhat, which is situated in the western part of the city, offers services to all other state-wide locations as well as frequent ASTC and private business buses to other North-East regions.

Since Jorhat is one of Assam's older cities, its traditional feel is also reflected in the cuisine. People in this region enjoy their traditional platter, which includes dishes you have never heard of but will enjoy sharing with family. Every cuisine has a specially prepared style, including words like Khar, masor (fish), tenga, pitika, poitabhat, laksa, bamboo shoots, sticky rice, etc. Additionally, numerous central city restaurants serve continental and Indian cuisine, which you can try once visiting the town: Segmora Assamese Cuisine, Wood Smoke Café, Rajputana Login, Belle Amies, and Nimantran Restaurant.

If you intend to spend your holiday in Jorhat, visit all the locations that best showcase the city. The beautiful scenery and the humming business activity of this Assamese commercial area would undoubtedly highlight the culture at its finest. These tourist destinations in Jorhat would transport you back to the vibrant historical colors of the site if you were searching for a tranquil and peaceful vacation amidst nature. The place has bountiful flora and fauna, the surreal landscapes, and the Jorhat travel guide provides all the necessary information. 

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