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Dirang Tour & Travel Guide

Dirang is one of the most serene locations in North East India. It is certain to enchant every visitor. This small village provides a delightful getaway for those who enjoy nature, adventure, and culture. It is encircled by stunning Himalayan scenery that features lush greenery, brilliant streams, gorgeous waterfalls, and beautiful hot springs.

If you go on a nature walk early in the morning, you can witness rainbow-coloured tragopans, rufous-bellied tits, white-throated redstarts, and fire-tailed sunbirds hiding and seeking among the dense bushes. Let’s explore this exotic city of Dirang with the Dirang travel guide. 



Top Sites

Thupsung Dhargye Ling, Sangti Valley, Dirang Dzong, Mandala Top

April to June

30°C to 18°C

July to Sep

18°C to 29°C

Oct to Feb

22°C to 15°C

An Insight into Dirang Tourism

The picturesque town of Dirang in Arunachal Pradesh's West Kameng District is an absolute tourist treat.

It is a popular tourist destination, especially for those looking to stop at night on their route to Tawang, thanks to the nice climate, picturesque beauty, rich culture, and good lodging options. The largest peak in the state, known as Kangte, is located in this area. The powerful Himalayan ranges cover a considerable portion of it. For visitors visiting the region, the 500-year-old Kalachakra Monastery in Dirang is a must-see attraction to start Dirang sightseeing. 

In this lovely village, there are also the remains of a fort called Dirang Dzong and a hot spring that is of the must-see places to visit in Dirang. Visitors can stay in various hotels, cottages, and resorts that have recently started operating in this area. The apple orchards in this area are one of their unique features. These orchards overflow with apples during the winter, a sight to behold. Sheep breeding farms are also scattered around the area. Wonderful hot springs that are popular as picnics spots are situated near Dirang.

It is advised that Dirang should be travelled at the start of October. Due to Dirang's relatively low altitude, the winters here are gorgeous even though this time of year, the winter season starts. Since the beautiful weather lasts until the beginning of the summer in April, October to April are the most popular trip months since the weather is favourable, and travelling and sightseeing are convenient.

The Hot Spring, believed to be a holy location, is accessible after climbing stairs for around 500 meters. Sulphur is abundant in the hot spring, renowned for its exceptional healing qualities. Hot spring baths are available; they can work their magic on a body travelling all day. You can enjoy all these places mentioned in the Dirang travel guide to feel the exotic view and creations.

Above the main town is where you'll find the National Research Centre on Yak. About 31 kilometres from Dirang, near Nyukmandung, the centre also has a yak farm. The centre researches genetic resources and production-related issues.

It also researches the enhancement of yak and its goods through breeding with unusual frozen semen and selection. Tourists are welcome to visit the research centre with authorisation.

The Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati is the closest airport to Dirang because it lacks a local airport. Most of the major cities in the nation are connected to this airport, and numerous airlines operate frequent incoming and leaving flights from this airport.

The Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati is the closest airport, around 351 kilometres from Dirang. Safety Advice: Most of the year, flying to Guwahati is secure, and it is simple to get to Dirang from there is simple. Depending on the varying weather conditions during the winter, fogging may cause a flight delay or cancellation.

Another feature that deserves special note is Dirang's cuisine.  A typical lunch menu consists of mouthwatering Thupkas, mouthwatering meat curries, delightful Yak cheese specialities, and a cooling salad with all-local fresh ingredients. Here are some of the regional specialities you can enjoy: Rice is served with a chicken curry made in the Monpa style with soya beans and local cheese. Made from maise and beans and simmered for nearly six hours to get its creamy, luscious texture, Phenang Khongba is a favourite prepared in large quantities. 

Fish in a thin sauce served with green veggies and rice with lots of butter. Arak is a rice-based homebrew alcohol. It takes some time to get used to the flovour. A sour alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, kiwi, and maise is called bangchong.

It is located along the banks of the Dirang River. Although Dirang experiences beautiful weather all year, it is ideal for travelling there in the early winter to observe migratory birds and fruit orchards in bloom. The Dirang Travel Guide offers all the information about popular places, travel destinations, food, and other vital Dirang-related travel-related details so that you can be prepared and enjoy every bit.

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