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Ongole Tour & Travel Guide

Ongole is a historian’s delight. This pretty town houses some beautiful ancient temples which give a glimpse into the glorious past. The intricate architecture is a standing example of fine craftsmanship of the bygone times. Set amidst the picture perfect background of stunning beaches and lush landscape, Ongole redefines love at first sight. It is a great destination to relax and unwind from the chaos of your mundane life. The laidback feel, nature’s bliss, and warm amicable people make the experience all the more enjoyable. You can also club the holiday with Tangutur, a small town with some marvelous ancient temples, and Chandavaram, a Buddhist religious site with serene stupas and monasteries.

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Top Sites

Venkateswara Temple, Ongole Fort, Ongole Museum, Ongole Zoo, Ongole Railway Station

April to June

26°C to 40°C

July to Sep

24°C to 30°C

Oct to Feb

16°C to 22°C

An Insight into Ongole Tourism

A Destination with Beaches, Ancient Temples & much more

Ongole is the biggest of all towns in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh state. A town of the modern times, this place is famous as a prime agriculture belt for pulses, pepper, cereals, groundnut and dairy products, as well. Ongole has numerous ancient temples that exhibit exemplary architecture and workmanship. The carvings in these south Indian temples have amazed every onlooker. The town is a less visited place, consequently it is less explored. The picturesque landscapes here are a treat to exhausted minds and the ancient temples engage every traveler looking forward to explore the past. The bygone Ongole has its mention in the scripts belonging to the 3rd Century during the rule of Pallavas, here. None the less, present day Ongole is a place to relax and unwind in some serene and rustic beaches of south India and explore less walked places.

The top most attraction here is the Kothapatnam Beach, which is around 18 km from the town and a preferred place for locals and tourists to relax as well as enjoy themselves. Clear blue pollution free waters of the sea, stretches of shore sand and the breeze from the sea captivates every visitor. Vodarevu beach is another beach in Ongole.

Fringed with coconut trees, the shimmering golden sand and the blue ocean makes this scenic beach a must see place. One can also enjoy some adventure water sports, boating, fishing, swimming etc., while others can just relax in a shack and rejuvenate.

Marvelous architecture and workmanship of this temple exemplifies the richness in India’s culture. Situated on the banks of River Kusasthali, Kashi Visweswara Swamy Temple is also other famous temples in Ongole. This place is dotted with ancient temples. Tangutur, near Ongole has some famous temples such as Shivalayam (with 1116 Shiva Lingas), Chennakesavalayam, Ramalayam and Peleramma Talli. The sculptures and carvings on these temples display the skilled artisanship of the bygone era. Chandavaram is a Buddhist faith holy place in the region. The double terraced stupa, three-winged monastery and other relics of the past draws Buddhist Pilgrims here.

In nutshell, Ongole is a tourist destination, less explored and filled with beautiful beaches, water falls, and serene nature and marvelous ancient temples for a distinguished experience altogether.

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