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Varanasi And Its Spiritual Relevance

Hard to believe that I have been to one of the most spiritual lands of India and that is none other than- Varanasi. The holy city of India is unequivocally wonderful and as notified it is one of the ancient. When I came back from the beautiful journey, the sole thing that had conquered my mind was- ‘I wish I could stay at Varanasi for lifetime.’ But what’s unique about this beguiling place? Can anyone resolve this question? I have abundant answers to this one! The characteristics responsible for making Varanasi an ‘antique place’ are plenty however- the most favoured ones out of them are its ‘spirituality’ and the ‘historical relevance’.

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Well, I was amazed to witness the varied buildings and streets in Varanasi dating back to thousands of years which are still playing an immensely prolific role in shaping the distinctness of this pilgrimage centre. Obviously, it’s an immense pleasure for me to perceive an opportunity of seeing and experiencing something serene just like this.

The beauty of this place is undoubtedly- beyond words and thus, millions of people from all across the globe make a visit to this pious area with an intention of getting up close with the calmness and the spiritual scenarios prominent here.

Just Imagine- how special it is to be a part of some of the most divine rituals and ceremonies in Varanasi, well I think I am the luckiest one to be the same. An agglomeration of plentiful activities, one shall come across innumerable winsome temples here whether small or large, established beautifully accompanied with a greatly spiritual aura. Apart from this, the city of Varanasi is known as a home to more than 100 Ghats leading their ways to the holy river Ganges serving as an active sheath in facilitating the godly activities and also some of the holy cremation activities.

Starting my days with a walk along the Ganges with the early morning boat ride across the Ghats while having the most beguiling as well as the scenic views of majority of the places present here and ending my day with the same activity has been my schedule all through the trip. Having the views of the most beautiful places here can be undertaken with the assistance of a boat ride either during sunrise or during the sunset.

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I loved experiencing the abundant shades of Varanasi and then sharing them with the locales there who proved to be a great friend of mine during my expedition. Communicating with the people during my journey, knowing their culture, learning new language and also getting to know about their way of living was unequivocally my favourite pastime. To be true, the Hindu Culture is simply amazing. The mesmerising sunrise after waking up at 5 in the morning was a thing I have always strived for.

One of the cheapest and the most commonly used mode of transportation in Varanasi is none other than the highly decent cycle rickshaw. I loved the cycle rickshaw ride here. Relaxing while sitting in the rickshaw along with the unique smell of the curry and other cuisines here, was no less than an utmost satisfaction for me. Just tell your driver to the destination and he will drop you there without any hassle.

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Varanasi has something new to offer its visitors everyday irrespective of the number of days for which you are staying here. My journey to Varanasi was meant for a month and really ‘I was never bored of this splendid place carrying a distinct spiritual culture that is ardently followed by a great number of devotees here’.

That’s all with the kind of experience I had in Varanasi. Also, mentioning about the food- you can get a variety of dishes starting from the street food and ending at the Royal ones depending upon the type of restaurant or shop you are consuming the dishes from! A trip to Varanasi has already been added up to my bucket list as according to me, I am left with a lot more to explore here.

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