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Gujarat's Kite Flying

Uttarayan- Gujarat's Kite Flying Festival

Gujarat- a celebrator of approx. 200 festivals in a year is no less than a heartthrob for every explorer and one of the most salient festivities for the Indians and especially the Gujaratis, the Uttarayan (also known as Makar Sankranti) is literally going to give you an experience of some goosebumps as you witness Gujarat’s sky lighted up with plenty of colorful kites. Well, I never imagined waking up in the morning and simultaneously finding the sky packed with the vibrantly colored kites but I was a part of this scene in Gujarat. Colors make me super-happy and experiencing such an over-exciting event is nothing less than a ‘dream-come-true’ for me.

‘Kite-flying’ crazies from all over the world come together and pitch on the rooftops while unleashing their kites in the blue sky making it changing the colors like a rainbow. Still, I don’t think you know much about this festival since the younger generation nowadays, is completely engrossed in the fun of kite flying without even knowing the significance and the historical relevance of Uttarayan. Thus, I am here to list a good number of reasons which would be more than enough to let you know about its some lesser-known facts:

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A ‘Once In A Year’ Alluring Sight

It is not at all easy to spot the countless colorful kites of every shape and size in the cerulean sky every day. Thus, it’s a great sight to behold during the Uttarayan. As soon as the sun rises, people come out of their homes in order to spend some time with your favorite kites. Also, the kites would not at all be an ordinary one today and you will be witnessing the fancier kites with different animations done on them. A jovial time with your family and friends along with your favorite passion of kite-flying is what can be called a perfect scenario.

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Some Mouthwatering Gujarati Dishes

You just can’t say no to the ultimate mouth-watering Gujarati dishes which are undoubtedly appetizing. The piquant Jalebi Fafda, Dhokla with chutney, Mohanthaal as well as the Khandvi, nothing can stop you from letting you taste the true delight associated with these. Well, these are highly sufficient to even wake up a sleeping foodie just by their delectable aroma. Not only the event grounds are crowded, but you are going to spot the shops and other stores overcrowded for the whole day during Uttarayan. Not to worry, the calories won’t be counted from the food consumed during the celebrations and events.

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The Reason For Its Celebration

Every other person is accompanied by a different story for the passionate celebration of the International Kite festival in Gujarat. However, it is majorly uttered that the Makar Sankranti signifies the transition of Sun into the Makara (Capricorn). Apart from this, as said this festival is a showcase of the conclusion of the winter month and the beginning of the days with a longer tenure. Also, some say that this event marks the awakening of the gods from the deep sleep in which they are indulged in. However, I really don’t know which one to believe!

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Happy Faces All Around

Yes, money can’t buy happiness but of course, it can buy you some kites and also some toothsome food. A celebration with no restrictions on the age, gender, caste, creed or religion- Uttarayan is surely going to fill up the days of each and every person whether an adult or a child with an utmost dose of happiness and enjoyment. This is literally a perfect representation of the sense of belongingness and the respect for Gujarat’s culture that lies in the people of this ravishing state. I saw abundant happy and overexcited faces of the Gujaratis at each and every corner of the beauteous Gujarat.

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Not Only A ‘Day’ But A ‘Night’ Festival Too

An event of togetherness enjoyed as well as celebrated with perfect zeal and enthusiasm- the International Kite Festival in Gujarat is not merely an occasion for the daytime, instead, it is celebrated at night too. As the sun sets and the night starts to show its colors, people in Gujarat transform their activity of kite flying into the Tukkal flying. Tukkals are the paper lanterns which look similar to a mini-hot air balloon. It expands and starts floating higher and higher in the night sky with the warmth. The most intriguing sight- Tukkals fill up the night sky and showcase its real exquisiteness with the lighting done by them.

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However, there are some precautions which have to be followed in case you are a crazy kite flier and also looking forward to competing with the people of your society or city during the Uttarayan festival of Gujarat. The Manjha that is used in varied kites has to be handled with the utmost care and attention since its strings are very sharp and can cut your fingers or any other body part.

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