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The Vibrant Aura of Kerala’s Backwaters

Talking about the most beautiful network of multiple lakes with the pristine water, nothing can compete with Kerala’s backwaters in this regard. Promising you a highly leisure filled tour, the Backwater tours in Kerala are quite sure to fill up your vacation with a bundle of memories to be cherished for lifetime.

During my visit to the Kerala’s backwaters, I was spellbound by the beauty and the scenic views that were facilitated to me by the varied picturesque twists and turns during the whole tour. It has proved to be a lifetime experience for me and has undoubtedly assisted in decorating my travel diary with abundant expedition things to discuss in. Despite of being a solo trip, I didn’t feel alone even for once and that was solely because of the beguiling and the highly engrossing views the journey had to offer. Really glad that I got to know much about this incredible tour offered by the backwater tourism in Kerala, and now is the time for me to share some of the ‘must know’ things in case you are planning to experience the beguiling backwaters in Kerala.

What should one expect from the Kerala’s backwaters? The perfect answer to this question lies in the below mentioned statements:


  1. Winsome experience of the Rural Life

The villages of Kerala have not at all changed over the years, instead their beauty have just enhanced with the pace of time. While being on my journey in the Kerala Backwaters, my first-hand experience here commenced with the Kumarakom Island that is prominently renowned as the facilitator of a 360 degrees view of the whole village life inculcating the farmers and the decent life of the varied fishermen. Indulge in the positive aura as well as the beauty of the lush paddy fields and the ravishing lagoons of the Kerala’s rural life and feel like never before.



  1. Water sports awaiting your exploration

The water sports inculcated by the backwaters in Kerala are proving as a best way for the visitors for leading to the places where even the houseboats can’t reach. The most common sports here are the Canoeing and the Kayaking which can be practised in Alappuzha providing the participants a ‘fun-filled’ experience. These activities are serving as the most antique way of exploring the Kerala’s backwaters along with your travel mates. Paddle to the canals and gaze at the scenic beauty till the time you want.

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  1. Perfect for pre-wedding shoots

Since the landscapes and the sceneries generated by the Backwaters in Kerala are immensely alluring and picturesque, they can unequivocally act as a background for the perfect Pre-Wedding Shoots. With the Backwaters Tourism playing an attracting role in Kerala, not only the photo-shoots but the views here have acted as a backdrop in multiple movies. Get some of the amazing photographs captured in the beautiful houseboat cruises of Kerala accompanied with the producing of eternal memories for the lifetime.

Gujarati Wedding Photography Of  Vivek And Neetu


  1. It’s always a good time to visit

No need for you to research on the best months to visit the Backwaters in Kerala as this is a year-round destination. The travellers can experience the beauty and vibrancy of this spot any time of the year as they want. However, mentioning the most pleasant time to be present here, it is none other than November to February as the temperature during these months is highly favourable. Apart from this, in case you are striving to seek some of the greenest views of this place, a trip to this place from June to September is perfect as it is the time for rains!

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  1. Best Ayurveda Treatments

The travellers engrossed in the Backwaters tour to Kerala attain relaxation not only from the incredible views and the serenity but also through the ‘Ayurveda’ and the massage that you will perceive during this expedition. Attain the apt type of massage that your body is demanding for accompanied with a variety of therapies such as the Purification, Punarnava, Rejuvenation and also the Panchakarma in the Kerala’s houseboat.

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Backwater tours in Kerala are continually serving as a perfect fusion of relaxation, fun as well as serenity. It is highly recommended for you to have an experience of this paradise at least once in your life. I had my experience, when is your time?

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