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The Hidden Treasures Of Rajasthan

Majority of the travellers already had a look at some of the most beguiling places of Rajasthan such as the Hawa Mahal and other scenic forts of this place, but what about the unheard places of this Royal State? Being a good traveller is more obviously going to include the expansion of your horizons with the sole intention of hoping off in a wider view of this beautiful place. But, how can anyone expect the world view to change if the travellers continue to visit the old and the majorly renowned places yet again and again. You all might have come across the mighty tales associated with these winsome places by millions of the travellers but has anyone discussed anything about the untouched places in Rajasthan? Well, I truly believe that these unheard destinations are surely going to transform into one of the most prominently recognized destinations in the world and that too really soon. Also, what’s so good about these destinations is that they are less crowded as well as less chaotic due to their being less popular. Indulge in the engrossing sense of serenity of the lesser-known destinations while being involved in some of the Cultural Tours Of Rajasthan and let the good times roll.

This year, planning a trip to Rajasthan came into my mind but that was not a common one as this time I decided to experience the offbeat destinations of the stunning state of Rajasthan. Thus, here I am presenting you the list of the offbeat destinations visited by me while being there.


Looking forward to run away from the monotonous busy life of this contemporary world? Then go no ahead than the beautiful village of Kuchaman that is located at around 100 kilometres from Pushkar. Kuchaman is serving as a sheath to a highly historical fort that is still successfully managing to stay away with the highly commercialized environment of Rajasthan. While being there, I was lost in the serenity and tranquillity of the fort as there was not even a single trace of pollution showcased by the charming vibrant blue colour of the sky. The Sheesh Mahal incorporated in this monument left me awestruck by its beauty and charm.

Rawla Narlai

The Rawla Narlai is situated in the southern part of Rajasthan and is continually serving as a hidden gem of the beautiful state of Rajasthan. This is a fortress that is clipped beneath a gigantic rock having an altitude as high as 350 ft. Despite of it being acting as a heritage hotel nowadays, the fortress till now contains the reminiscence of the cultural history and same elegance as before. Bering an art-lover I thoroughly enjoyed this place as it constituted a pristine look of the Rajput architecture through the formation of this monument’s gardens, balconies as well as the wide open courtyards.

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