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Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey within India

 Bharat, majorly acknowledged as India is a nation rich in culture, traditions, ethics, values and the most of all ‘respect for everyone’. This winsome country is a quintessential fusion of varied religions, people and languages too. Carrying the most vivid heritage, history and also the largest democracy in the world, India has left no chance of leaving the visitors awestruck by its presentations. 

What makes India unique? I really have an apt answer for your question through my experience of my unique peace-filled vacation.  
I belong to the ‘land of heaven’ Uttarkhand, however I am born and brought up in Delhi but my family usually plan trips there at least once in a year. Whenever we have visited this heavenly place, I and my family members were always indulged in a walk through some of the hill roads and spiritual hubs. But, there was a need for a change. How about the same place but new therapies? A healing holiday struck my mind. 

Rishikesh serves the best blend of the three relieving elements i.e. Yoga, Spa and the Ayurveda. We followed this information and reached the Swarg Ashram. Situated quite near to the Ram Jhula, there was no problem faced by us in finding out this place. The moment we entered, unequivocally there was a feeling of calmness and peace in our mind. It’s really a beguiling place with a positive vibe. Being welcomed by one of their members accompanied with their guidance to our designated rooms was one of a king feeling. There she explained each and every bit of the activities the participants will be going through. Our day started with a wake up bell followed by chanting in the next hours. It has surely proved to be an aid in my spiritual betterment and was really a place of ‘my kind’. Other activities facilitated by the Swarg Ashram incorporated one of my favourites ‘Yoga’ as well as the ‘meditation’. Due to me being a ‘reading- warm’, I enjoyed the cultural and the spiritual books available there with an intention of increasing the spiritual knowledge of its participants! 

On concluding, just wishing to get back to this winsome place yet again quite soon. The Swarg Ashram was such a delightful moment of relief. Each and every hustle and bustle that had conquered my mind literally swiped off the moment my therapy started. I have already planned my next trip and it is surely going to include a ‘healing holiday’ in my case.

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