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Belum Caves

Himalayas to Beaches: A Guide to India's Natural Wonders

The geographical diversity of India is well-known, and it is also the birthplace of many beautiful, tranquil spots. Even though we know very little about the mystery, India never ceases to astound visitors worldwide with its manufactured and natural beauties. No offense intended to the unexpectedly stunning wonders seen throughout the world, but India is also truly competitive when it comes to revealing its hidden gems and India’s natural wonders. The dazzlingly diverse nation of India is home to several astounding tourist attractions that will easily make any of your trips an experience to remember. From well-known landmarks to the best shopping areas to the most distinctive cuisines found in India's 29 states, this strange nation offers it all and even more. India continues to astound the globe with its unbelievable natural and manufactured phenomena, despite its vast geographical extent and even bigger circumference. The nation is known as "Incredible India" for a reason, from having a vast salt desert to preserving the allure of a massive lake formed by a meteor explosion to owning a magnetic hill or the wast beach of Goa.

Places on Earth that Feel Like Heaven

India is home to so many incredible natural beauties that you can even grow weary of recalling the mysteries they conceal. If such amazing miracles genuinely move you, traveling to all these different regions of India would provide you with a wealth of priceless memories.

1. Lonar Lake, Maharashtra 

This 50,000-year-old Lonar Crater Lake is the only incredibly alluring spot in the moderate Buldhana area of Maharashtra. What draws tourists the most is the surreal mystery that has so far surrounded this lake. The water is both alkaline and saline, making it an even more distinctive natural wonder of India and not only of India but of the entire world. The primary cause of this lake's divine formation is craters and meteors. This lake was created due to a meteoric collision, making it one of the most alluring geological formations in the world.

2. Magnetic Hill, Leh

The Magnetic Hill, where gravity essentially takes a backseat, is another incredible India natural wonder. The Magnetic Hill is marked by a yellow signboard that reads "The Phenomenon That Defies Gravity" and is around 30 kilometers from Leh. It even instructed you to leave your cars parked in the area of the road marked with a white dot and called the Magnetic Road. Vehicles begin to move ahead at about 20 km/h after being parked in the designated spot. That is so intriguing! On the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar National Highway in the Trans-Himalaya region, there is a place called Magnetic Hill.

3. Chitrakote Waterfall, Chhattisgarh 

This mysterious spot is undoubtedly one of India's many natural beauties because it is its largest waterfall. Due to its wide expanse, the Chitrakote waterfall is renowned as the "Niagara of India." This waterfall originates from the Indravati river and is located in the western part of Jagdalpur, in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. Chitrakote waterfall spans 985 feet and rises to a dizzying height of almost 30 meters. You may view the falls in their magnificence, especially during the monsoon season.

4. Living Root Bridge, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

The fact that Living Root Bridges exist in Meghalaya is nothing short of an incredible shocker. It is also known as the "Double-Decker Living Root Bridge." These magnificent buildings are among the most well-known attractions in Meghalaya and have elegantly grown over decades. This divine natural wonder of India is built from tangled, dense roots that provide a strong grip on the building and mold it to fit at least 50 people on its base. Amazingly, the Jaintia and Khasi tribes that have perfected the technique of blooming root bridges over high banks of streams rushing through the dense forests of Meghalaya keep them up to date.

5. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand 

The Valley of Flowers peacefully tucked away in the Western Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, is truly a garland of nature, blessed with the vibrant and unusual Himalayan flora. Along with the Pushpawati river, the Valley of Flowers passes through lush forest areas. You can reach this location by traveling over several bridges, waterfalls, and glaciers. This breathtaking natural setting features lush meadows blooming with local high flowers and is recognized as an Indian National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. Krishna's Butter Ball, Mahabalipuram 

This massive granite boulder, known for being "the rock that gravity forgot," is another extraordinary India natural wonder. This amazing attraction can be found in Mahabalipuram, a fascinating Indian destination. This rock, which weighs around 250 tonnes and is 6 meters in height and 5 meters in width, has been on the summit of a slope for more than 1200 years! The locals frequently think the butter fragment came off and belonged to Lord Krishna. It makes sense why it's called Krishna's Butter Ball.

7. Belum Caves, Andhra Pradesh 

Belum Caves, one of the longest and largest in India, are situated in the Kurnool region of Andhra Pradesh and are open to travelers for endless exploration. After the Krem Liat Prah in Meghalaya, these caves are the second-largest in India and are well-known for their unusual stalagmite and stalactite structures. Throughout millions of years, the formation of limestone gradually sculpted the caves. The Belum Caves, one of the most carefully preserved works of art of national integrity, have multiple passageways with finely detailed water streams on limestone.

8. Hide-and-seek Beach, Orissa

On the Orissan shore, Chandipur is a tranquil beach 16 km from Balasore. The fact that the seawater in this location recedes by about 5 km during low tide and then moves to the shoreline once more during high tide is regarded as one of the world's most unusual experiences.

9. Salt Desert of Kutch, Gujarat 

In the Thar Desert in western Gujarat's Kachchh area lies a salty swampy field known as the Rann of Kutch. It is positioned halfway between Gujarat, India, and Sindh, Pakistan. The Little Rann of Kachchh, the Banni Grassland, and the Great Rann of Kachchh are included in its over 30,000 square kilometers of territory. The Rann of Kutch, the largest salt desert in the world, is well known for its white, salty desert sand. It seems to reason that it is listed among India's most stunning and distinctive India’s natural wonders.

10. Nubra Valley, Ladakh

The Nubra Valley, also known as simply "Nubra," is a tuft of land on the very tip of India located north of Leh and surrounded by steep mountains. North-east of the Ladakh valley, it is a tri-armed valley. A broad valley that divides the landscape of the Ladakh and Karakoram Ranges landscape is formed when the Shyok River and the Nubra or Siachan River merge. 

11. Heart Shaped Lake on Chembra Peak, Kerala

At 6,900 feet above sea level, Chembra Peak is Wayanad's tallest peak. It is part of the Western Ghats Wayanad hill ranges, including Vellarimala in Kerala's Kozhikode district and the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu. A heart-shaped lake is a popular tourist destination on the route to the peak's summit. It is thought that the lake has never dried up. Halfway up the peak is where you may locate the lake. Trekking is a great adventure activity to do in this location. Before beginning a trek at Chembra Peak, approval must be obtained in advance from the Meppady forest office. Due to the potential presence of wild animals, overnight camping is not permitted.

12. Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu

Hogenakkal Falls, commonly known as the "Niagara of India," is a waterfall on the Kaveri river in the Dharmapuri region of Tamil Nadu. The Kannada words "hoge" (smoke) and "kal" (rock) were combined to form the name of the waterfall because the mist produced when water strikes rocks gives the impression that smoke is emanating from them. The natives also refer to it as Marikottayam.

It is a popular tourist destination due to its renowned treatments and hidden boat trips. After the monsoons, when the river is in full flow, it is the greatest time to visit. The carbonate rocks at this location are thought to be among the oldest in South Asia.

The beauty of Indian nature never fails to amaze us. India is home to many breathtaking natural treasures that are worth a trip. Thanks to its extensive geographic range and growing size, India continues to astound the globe with its manufactured and natural wonders. Many intriguing mysteries remain unexplained in this land of wonders. Thanks to its varied geography and natural beauty, India is lucky to have several captivating locations for extraordinary experiences.

There are several vacation spots in India where you can fulfill your urge to explore such things without traveling very far. With the help of our guide, explore these amazing objects and take in the magnificence and beauty of India's natural wonders.


Is there any natural beauty in India?

India has various landscapes and locations brimming with nature's finest wonders. Coorg, Shillong, Goa, Khajjiar, Nubra Valley, and other locations are among the best natural areas in India that are worth visiting.

Which is considered the most beautiful state in India?

Kerala. Kerala is one of India's most beautiful and green states, earning the title of "God's Own Country." The little state is renowned for having some of the nation's most beautiful beaches, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries.

What do you mean by natural wonder?

A natural place or monument created by nature, not humans, constitutes a natural wonder. The fact that all seven of these places are still around now serves as a reminder to preserve and care for all other natural areas on the earth.

Which country is no.1 in natural beauty?

Indonesia tops the list as the world's most beautiful place, scoring 7.77 out of 10.24 on the natural beauty scale.

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