Trekking And Hiking in Bhutan

  • Not only the winsome country of Bhutan is famous for its architecture, historical relevance or the majestic tourists’ hubs but also it is mostly prominent for the thrill filled activities of trekking and hiking. Trekking in Bhutan has proved to be one of the most adventurous activities all over the world and it is presently demanded by millions of tourists from across the globe. While being engrossed in these practices, you shall also grab a favourable opportunity of experiencing the lush vegetation and the pleasant environment of the river valleys and also the slopes having an icy characteristic belonging to the mighty Himalayas entailing an array of stunning as well as the most ravishing landscapes and scenic views.

  • Many adventure seekers enter this country to come across a challenging experience through the best Trekking and Hiking activities in Bhutan. While being in this heavenly place, one has to move towards the Jhomolhari trek that is nicknamed as the “bride of Kangchenjunga” while straddling the borders located in the middle of Nepal and Bhutan. There are plentiful treks prominent in Bhutan which makes it a chief hub for the trekking activities and these not only fill up your time with adventure but also with a unique view and a fresh perspective of Bhutan.

  • Some of the majorly prominent trekking places in Bhutan include the Druk Path Trek, Duer Hot Springs Trek, Samtengang Winter Trek, Wild East Rodung La Trek, Bumthang Owl Trek, Bumthang Cultural Trek, Punakha Winter Trek, Gangtey Trek and Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, Merak Sakteng Trek, Nabji Korphu Trek, Snowman Trek II, Snowman Trek I, Jomolhari Trek and also the Jomolhari Loop to name a few.

  • Mentioning the Hiking scenes in Bhutan, these activities are sure to take you closer to the mystical monasteries, villages on the hill-top and some remote valleys. You shall pass through even the smallest paths as well as big paths covered with wild flowers during the spring season. Hiking in Bhutan has been continually serving as a home for the adventure seekers to practise their dreams of hiking here. During your hiking procedure, you shall also get a chance to chit chat with the locales, laymen, monks and also the farmers who are surely going to tell you something or the other about their culture that will intrigue you in those mighty historical tales. Renowned hiking trails in Bhutan are the Takstang Monastery Hike, Sonagasa Hike, Kila Gompa Nunnery & Chele la Hike, Ura Valley Hike and abundant others.

  • If you need to quench your thirst for Trekking and Hiking, then nothing’s best than pursuing these activities in Bhutan. Max Holidays is here to help you as we have the availability of the packages for the Trekking and Hiking tours in Bhutan which are tailor made in the finest manner keeping your preferences in view.


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    from Czech Republic - 21 Aug 2017

    "I experienced the Bumthang Cultural Trek during my visit to Bhutan. However, I decided to visit Bhutan for some normal sightseeing purpose but after hearing a lot about the Trekking and Hiking activities in Bhutan, I headed towards the Cultural Trek. The travel guide of Max Holidays was a highly knowledgeable one and I really enjoyed his company. "

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