Bhutan Luxury Tours

  • A country showcasing the intertwining of the sky and horizon with the lush green landscapes and the winsome sceneries acting as a backdrop of these views, Bhutan is an all in one hub in every regard including its beauteous Luxury Tours. Preventing its territories and the regions from the influences its neighbouring areas, the country in itself is considered to be a luxurious stop. Indulge in the beauteous monasteries tucked in the main area’s majestic highlands accompanied with a tranquil and highly serene environment. Each and every city in Bhutan hails with a very antique appeal and thus, being a traveller, there stands a dire need for you to have some of the glimpses of this winsome place.

  • How about exploring this unique country with an add-on of luxury? In case you have an unlimited budget, then nothing is more apt than enjoying your vacations at Bhutan with a stay at one of its top-rated luxury hotels. However, this is going to be too rare still if you had a bad travel experience- a luxurious hotel is more than enough to make you forget all the rustic experience of the day with their highly comfortable and pampering surroundings crafted just according to your preferences. Bhutan incorporates plenty luxurious hotels whether you are indulged in trekking, hiking, sightseeing or just walking around the country.

  • The hospitality and services which are facilitated by the 45 star hotels can’t even be compared with other miscellaneous establishments present in Bhutan.

  • Mentioning the Luxurious Hotels in Bhutan, there are many but the most prominent ones prominent in this country are none other than the beautifully established and 5 star rated Taj Tashi, Amankora as well as the COMO Uma Paro. The Taj Tashi hotel is situated amidst the mighty Himalayan Thimphu Valley and is approximately 1 km far from Motithang Takin Preserve. Talking about the Amankora Hotel, it is considered as the gateway to the breathtaking beauty of Bhutan. Being one of the most important elements of the Luxury Tours in Bhutan, the hotel’s lodges extend across five valleys. The COMO Uma Paro is a resort containing 29 rooms and is also included amongst one of the most intimate accommodation in Bhutan. This hub inculcates variety of innovative activities such as Yoga and also some of the adventures belonging to the mighty Himalayas.

  • Get lost in the intriguing culture, and the positive aura associated with the splendid nation of Bhutan accompanied with a luxurious accommodation. This place has much to offer which you can’t even think of, and is sure to leave you awestruck by its awestruck charm and the non-comparable vibrancy. If you are looking forward to have a luxurious tour to Bhutan, go no ahead than Max Holidays. Presenting for you some of its best tailor made Luxury Tours and Packages in Bhutan, we are working with the sole intention of your satisfaction and happiness.


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    Nguyễn Tấn

    from Vietnam - 16 Jul 2015

    "I have been to Bhutan before but this time I thought for a change. The idea of indulging in a Luxurious holiday here suddenly struck my mind. With the assistance of Max Holidays, I was able to book my reservations in the Taj Tashi and undoubtedly the comfort and relaxation that I got from there can’t be just defined in words. "

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    from Austria - 14 Aug 2014

    "Max Holidays suggested me a great detailed itinerary and it highly suited my budget and preferences. During my visit to Bhutan, I stayed in the COMO Uma Paro that has left me awestruck with its boundless beauty. I loved the view from my window that was more alluring when I woke up the next morning. Thank You Max for a great trip! "

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    from UAE - 10 Dec 2016

    "Well, my days in the Taj Tashi were undoubtedly amazing. Actually, I didn’t even feel a need to step out of my room for a while as I was so engrossed in the comfort of the place. Max Holidays has proved to be an awesome travel companion for me. Thank You for guiding me throughout my whole tour to Bhutan. "