Bhutan Festival Tours

  • The ‘happiest’ country in the world that is even indulged in measuring the rate of its human development through happiness, Bhutan is a breathtaking country carrying a balanced combination of its religions, cultural quirks as well as the historical relevance. Being a proud country, its calendars are always filled up with an array of festivals which are celebrated with full fun and frolic all throughout the year. Be a part of the most vibrant celebrations in case you are intending to know more about Bhutan’s culture. The festivals tours in Bhutan are nowadays serving as an aid for each and every traveller to dive deep into the highly engrossing culture of Bhutan. Thus, it is highly recommended for you to plan a tour to Bhutan while coordinating with the dates of these festivities.

  • Bringing for you a super amazing collection of multiple festivals celebrated here, Bhutan has played a highly significant role in preserving its distinct culture from any kind of influence through its outsiders. Some of the vibrant festivities here are the Thimphu Tsechu, Haa Summer Festival, Sakteng Festival, Punakha Drubchen and the most important Jambay Lhakhang Drup. However, every event here carries its own relevance and significance, but the most important one that holds a greater religious importance is the Tshechu.

  • A tour to Bhutan is surely going to be a fruitful one only in case you are able to be a part of the celebrations at this country. It is also believed that the festival of Tsechu must be attended by the visitors and the participants here with an intention of attaining the blessings as well as swiping off all the sins. One of the most prominent mask dances during the celebration also carry a great priority and are witnessed by all the tourists and the locales available here. There are multiple mask dance performances undertaken at this time and each one of them carries a particular story from the bygone time of the 8th century i.e. during the days of Guru Padmasambhava associated with it.

  • These exciting showcase of the traditional culture in Bhutan are a delight to every individual visiting this country with an expectation of attaining the best of the best experiences. In the contemporary world, it has been notified that not only locales are participating in these festivities but also the globetrotters from the multiple nook and corners of this world are engrossed in being an indispensable part of these pious events. Max Holidays has brought up an array of the most finely crafted Festival Tours and Packages in Bhutan and just in case you are also striving to be a part of the cultural showcasing of Bhutan, you can head towards us and take some detailed information about the same.


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    from Russia - 01 May 2016

    "I am in love with the vibrant celebrations in Bhutan. This country has much more to offer than I was imagining before my journey to this place. I started off my festival tour in Bhutan with a smaller celebration and enjoyed very much there. I wore the masks and danced with participants there. Thank You Max for this experience. "

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    from New Zealand - 21 Aug 2014

    "I have never experienced something like this before. This has undoubtedly proved to be a memory for the lifetime in my case. Despite of the Haa Summer Festival being an overcrowded one, I still had a lot of fun at that time. There is much space for the participants in the venue of these festivals. Max Holidays has given me an ultimate tour. "

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    from Serbia - 10 Dec 2016

    "I had a dire wish of witnessing the ethnic culture of Bhutan but wanted a trustworthy travel companion by my side. Following my need, I got introduced to Max Holidays and I was supported by Mr. Amit who guided me all through my tour. I literally had a super amazing experience. Thank you Max. "