Adventure Trips in Bhutan

  • Genuinely ready to become one of the most remarkable experiences for a lifetime, the Small Kingdom in The Himalayas- Bhutan is continually acting as a sheath to some of the splendid adventurous trips from a really long time. The happiest place on the Earth is a really awesome place with friendly people who are always aware about the ethics of greeting the newcomers and the visitors at this place. The Adventure Trips in Bhutan are serving as a limelight for the Incredible Tourism of this picturesque country.

  • Talking about some of the adventures in Bhutan which might also be included in the Urban Adventures associated with this place, there are innumerable ones prevalent here. Some of the most perfect venues facilitating the variety of adrenaline rushing activities are the Paro valley for Kayaking, the Druk Path for Trekking, the Royal Manas Park for the Wildlife Safari and the Phobjikha Valley for Paragliding as well as plenty others.

  • One of the best things about the Adventure Trips in Bhutan is that majority of the destinations which are indulged in the undertaking of these activities are available during the whole year. Providing different beautiful views, sceneries and experiences to the practitioners, the sports here showcase different picturesque forms during the summertime, springs and the wintertime. Passing through the tiny villages while witnessing the culture and the standard of living there along with some of the highly tranquil and serene feelings, these adventure experiences are surely going to make your journey as much beautiful as the destination.

  • Apart from the most common activities of Trekking and Hiking here, other activity which is now sharing the limelight is the Kayaking activity in Bhutan. Head towards the Paro valley for the same and you are promised to get an unforgettable experience. All of the pristine river water in this country acts as a great source of the facilitation of the Kayaking activity. Visit this place during November and December as these are considered to be the most pleasant months for trying out Kayaking in Bhutan. Also, the Wildlife tour of the Royal Manas Park is proving to be a really unique and a new adventure for the visitors. Due to the abundant wildlife prominent in the plains of Bhutan, this has now become one of the most favoured activities in this country. During your tour, you shall witness many varied species in the wild i.e. the Flora and Fauna. These were some of the best experiences here, however, it is highly suggested for you to try out each and every adventurous activity here.

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