Bangladesh Wildlife Cruise

  • In case you are looking out for some kind of well-being, then for sure you are right on your decision if you have planned to take a tour of the exotic wildlife in Bangladesh. This period has always been and will always be a limelight and a heartthrob of millions specially those who are in love with nature. The Wildlife Tour to Bangladesh is not only going to fill up your expedition with some glimpses of the species in the wild but also with some of the very significant psychological benefits including the Spiritual Fulfilment, well-being, sensual awakening and contemplation accompanied with variety of others.

  • An apt destination for the nature lovers, the wilderness areas of Bangladesh are one of the most beguiling things whose glimpses a traveller can ever ask for. Take some time and have a pinch of enjoyment at this side of the country that is ready to facilitate you with the varied facets of the wild species prevalent here. Incorporating approximately 17 species of the marine reptiles, 109 species of the reptiles, 3 species of the marine mammals and 22 species of amphibian, Bangladesh is continually growing at a rapid pace for being one of the most favoured nations for witnessing ravishing wildlife all across the globe.

  • Mentioning about the vibrant birds’ population here in Bangladesh, it has been confirmed that presently there are more than 240 species of migratory birds here. The Wildlife in Bangladesh has proved to be an attraction for numerous wildlife seekers from the nook and corner of this world and thus they are seen taking keen interest in spending some of their quality time with the things in the wild.

  • Tourists seeking to have the chance of walking past the lush green environment here can head towards the worldly recognized Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary, Lawachara rain forest, Remakalenga and the Telepara Forest Reserve.

  • An Abode of the Royal Bengal Tiger- Bangladesh is known to be the home of 10% of the world’s tiger population that is presently prominent. There are approximately 4000 wild tigers prevalent all across the world and as notified Sunderbans has a good number out of these. Out of the birds’ species which are available in the entire subcontinent, Bangladesh is a habitat to almost half out of them that counts to approximately 650 species of the beautiful birds.

  • Since Bangladesh is clipped between the Malayan peninsulas and the Indian Subcontinent, the species of the birds are attracted greatly with the Indian species heading towards the west and the north whereas Malayan species are attracted towards the South-eastern and the Eastern provinces.

  • Max Holidays contains many packages for the Wildlife Tours to Bangladesh which are specifically customized suiting your needs and expectations. Travel with us and let your good times roll!


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    Frances Taylor

    from Poland - 17 Aug 2017

    "Travelling around is my favourite hobby whenever I get time. Again this time I toured around Bangladesh’s Wildlife with Max Holidays and yet again that was full of fun. My expedition in the wild has been an adventurous one. There I witnessed many active animals and undoubtedly, I was impressed. Thank You Max Holidays!"

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    Eym Gaill

    from Russia - 15 Nov 2017

    "Firstly, just want to mention- ‘Bangladesh has friendly people’. I loved the place. I felt like home while being present at this place. My Tour Guide was a highly experienced person and we loved his company. In short, I am highly satisfied with Max Holidays and my expedition towards the journey in the wild. "

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    from Egypt - 19 Dec 2017

    "Mr. Amit from Max Holidays accompanied us during our tour to the ultimate wildlife in Bangladesh, the interesting facts shared by him were more than enough to indulge us in the beauty of the wilderness in Bangladesh. I and my travel mates experienced the Safari Ride and that went good with our expectations. "