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Sylhet Travel Guide

Sylhet is considered as one of the prime tourists’ destinations of Bangladesh due to its highly unique views and the lush green environment that are no less in facilitating each and every visitor here with a pinch of peace and natural refreshment. Known to be a developed city in Bangladesh primarily due to the payments from the people residing in the Britain or America either temporarily or permanently, Sylhet is continually and very rapidly following the pace for being amongst the top tourists’ destinations in the world. The city lies in the Surma Valley that is considered as a sheath to the most exotic tea plantations as well as the prolific tropical forests. It is a hub of plentiful explorations which consist of the largest tea gardens of the world- Sree Mangal, Lawacherra Rain Forest, and Madhabkunda along with a bundle of others.

Sylhet Map

5.5 million

Top Sites

Sylhet City, Sylhet International Airport, Madhabpur, Jaflong, Srihatta

April to June

32°C to 38°C

July to Sep

26°C to 30°C

Oct to Feb

18°C to 24°C

An Insight into Sylhet Tourism

A Holiday Amidst Scenic Tea Gardens & Lush Green Tropical Forests

When One Speaks About Sylhet, The First Thing That Comes To Mind Is The Tea Plantations And Lush Green Tropical Forests. Located In The Pictorial Surma Valley, On The Right Bank Of The Surma River, Sylhet (Or Jalalabad) Is The Spiritual Capital And A Metropolitan City In Northeastern Bangladesh. Apart From Surma River, The Sylhet Valley Is Formed By The Kushiara River And Both The Rivers Are Fed By Many Hill Streams From The North And The South. It Is An Important Tourist Attraction Place. It Is Bounded By Khasia And The Jaintia Hills On The North And Tripura Hills On The South. The Various Terraced Tea Gardens And The Exotic Flora And Fauna Helps In Breaking The Monotony Of The Flatness Of This Area. There Are Aslo Thick Tropical Forests Abundant With Many Species Of Wildlife.

Sylhet Is Famous For Its Sufi Shrines Like The Ornate Tomb And Mosque Of Hazrat Shah Jala, A 14th Century Saint. Now It Is A Pilgrimage Site Near Dargah Gate. The Belongings Of The Local Folk Poet Hasan Raja Are Housed In The Museum Of Rajas. Shahi Eidgah, A 17th Century Huge Open Air Hilltop Mosque With 3-Domed Gateway Built By Emperor Aurangzeb Is Another Shrine To Visit.

Other Touristattractions Are Tea Gardens, Shrines Of Hazraat Shah Jala Yamani And Hazat Shah Farhan, Shahi Eidgah, Chandni Ghat, Ali Amjad’s Clock Tower, Kean Bridge, Shah Jalal Bridge, Osmani Museum, Jaflong , Parjatan, Shah Jalal University, Theme Parks Etc.

Sylhet Region Is A Home To Various Aboriginal Tribes Like Tipperas, The Monipuris, Khasis And Garos. They Still Live In Their Own Primitive Ways In The Hills And Practice Their Ancient Rites, Rituals, Age Old Customs And Traditions. Being The First Place Where The Country’s Commercial Tea Production First Began And Home To More Than 130 Odd Tea Estates, This Is A Paradise For Tea Lovers. Apart From That, Another Speciality Of The Place Is Its Handmade Textiles. Shoppers Visit Zindabazar Where Most Of The Big Malls Are Located And From Lamabazar, They Buy Local Monipuri Fabric.

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