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Dinajpur Travel Guide

Being the largest one amongst the Bangladesh’s sixteen northern districts, Dinajpur is serving as a sheath to innumerable things and events from the very old time. It is situated in the Rangpur Division of the country that lies towards the North-western region of Dhaka. The city is a ‘heartthrob’ of millions due to it being rich in the standardised culture, traditions as well as the innovative historical tales. One of the most noteworthy instances from the bygone tale of this city is none other than the India’s partition during 1947 which led to the inclusion of Dinajpur’s parts in West Bengal that was named as the West Dinajpur District. This beguiling city is a home to the colourful street markets spreading their charm all around the place along with an addition of the highly pristine lakes and the beauteous rural sights.

Dinajpur Map

1.7 million

Top Sites

Dinajpur Museum, Dinajpur Fort, Dinajpur Zilla School, Dinajpur Circuit House, Mahasthangarh

April to June

32°C to 38°C

July to Sep

26°C to 30°C

Oct to Feb

18°C to 24°C

An Insight into Dinajpur Tourism

Place Of Cultural And Historical Feast!!!

Dinajpur District Is Located In The Rangpur Division Of Bangladesh. There Are Sixteen Northern Districts Of Bangladesh Among Which Dinajpur Is The Largest. This Place Was Once A Part Of The Ancient State Of Pundravardhana. Founded In 1786, Dinajpur Is Situated Towards The North West Of Dhaka In Bangladesh. This Beautiful City Lies On The Eastern Bank Of The River Punarbhaba And Is Bounded By Suihari, Katapara, Bangi Bechapara, Pulhat, Kosba And Sheikhupura. Apart From River Punarbhaba, Other Main Rivers Of The District Are The Dhepa And Atrai. Dinajpur Has A Very Ancient History And Is Rich In Tradition And Culture. During Partition Of India In 1947, Some Part Of Dinajpur Was Included In West Bengal And Was Called West Dinajpur District. And East Dinajpur Went To Bangladesh Which Later On Was Termed Dinajpur.

There Are Various Places That Are Offered By This City. The Kantajew Temple Is One Of The Oldest Temples In Bangladesh Where Terracotta Work Can Be Seen And It Is A World Heritage Site. Ramsagar Is The Biggest Man Made Pond In Bangladesh. Nayabad Mosque Is A Small And Beautiful Mughal Era Mosque With Three Domes And Walls Decorated With Terracotta.

Apart From These, The Other Tourist Places Of Dinajpur Are Ananda Sagar, Aowkora Mosque, Ghughu-Danga Zamindar Bari, Gora Shahid Boro-Moydan, Hili Land Port, Kaliya Jue Temple, Korai Bill, Matasagar, Ramsagar, Shingha Darwaza, Shita Coat Bihar (Oldest Buddhist Bihar In The World), Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park, Singra Forest, Sita Kuthuri, Sukhsagar, The Tombs Of Chehel Gazi And Gor-E-Shahid Moydan. Other Places To Visit In This City Are Dinajpur Rajbari, Balubari Shahid Minar Mor, Sura Mosque, Parbatipur Shaheed Minar, Nawabganj National Park, Funcity Amusement Park, Etc.

Dinajpur Serves As The Access Point For The Beautiful Kantanagar Temple And Many Tourist Places Which Makes This Northwestern Town A Good Visiting Place. Packed With Picturesque And Rural Sights, Colorful Street Markets And Serene Lakes Hemmed With Lush Greenery, This Small Town Attracts A Number Of Tourists All Round The Year. Among The Various Exciting Things To Do In Dinajpur, Historical Sites, Cultural Attractions, Local Shopping Places, Travelers Get Their Hands Full.

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