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Culture of Bangladesh

Deriving its culture mainly from the varied social groups, the diverse ethics and traditions

Bangladesh is carrying a historical relevance. It is also notified that the antique way of living of the residents here is one of the main reasons for showcasing the culture of Bangladesh. The population of Bangladesh majorly constitutes ardent followers of Islam. However, Hinduism is also followed by a good number, but one might not witness any religious disparities between the same. The unity is maintained without any chaos and issues among the people here. They are also playing an indispensable role in inspiring the vibrant traditions and customs in this beguiling country.

Bangladesh’s culture and ethics are showcased in its music, painting, architecture, clothing, and literature. Despite the highly modern era nowadays, the culture of Bangladesh is uniquely celebrated and renowned all across the globe. Not only the urban population but even the culture of the tribes prevalent here carry a distinct tradition and standard of living. The archaeological wonders prominent here are the true epitome of the presence of Buddhism in the country of Bangladesh. Being prominent as the ‘Land of Festivals’, Bangladesh is a unique agglomeration of the festivities hailing from varied categories, some being political while the others being highly religious.

Even the Bangladeshis are so engrossed and deeply rooted in their culture and the festivals that some of them are being celebrated from the bygone era. The people need no reason to celebrate or stay happy as the celebrations here are boundless.

The most common language used as a communicator in Bangladesh is ‘Bangla’, which is widely vocalized by more than 200 million people worldwide. Bangla carries innumerable dialects, pronunciations, and grammatical differences, which differ from one region to another in Bangladesh. However, it is further classified into two major forms, namely the ‘Sadhu Bhasha’ i.e. a formal language, and the ‘Cholito Bhasha’ i.e. a common language. On the other, one might also witness a handful of tribal languages, with some of the renowned ones amongst them being Manipuri, Khashia, Garo, Tipra, and Magh.

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