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Travel Activity Level Guide

Please spare some time to check this Max Holidays activity level guide and notice the activity level sign mentioned with each our tour itinerary. We try to ensure that each of our customers is taken care with personal attention and guided professionally to help them in getting the best experience out of the trip booked with us. Therefore, based on our experience with the past customers we have designed and mentioned the activity level and effort necessary to participate in the trip so that you can be sure that this tour is right for you. The level of our tour itineraries differs in levels of physical challenge but we

ensure that you enjoy the every bit of the trip booked with us which meets with your fitness level.

Apart from checking this activity level sign the guests should also read carefully day to day activities of the trip to decide if he/she is capable physically and mentally for handling the aspects of the trip. Should you need more information about activity level for your trip, consider talking with our travel experts for better understanding. If you do not love the itinerary we will love to customize it for you to your interest and specifications.


No prior experience is required in such trips marked with level 1 and level 2 of activities. If you are healthy and fit to do some walk and manage with low scale physical challenges this tour is for you. Most but not all trips require walking and you will be travelling mostly in the plains. Most of the time you will be travelling in a vehicle or relaxing in your hotel but one must expect reasonable physical efforts in ascending and descending at the monument, forts, museums, temples and other sites.


The level 3 and level 4 activities include some harder and longer walks sometimes during the sightseeing trips. Though it does not demand prior experience but we still recommend that travelers joining such trips should be in good health and reasonable fitness. Trips marked with level 3 and 4 usually include ascending and descending at the sites. You will be travelling in your vehicle in the plains or deserts or some lower mountains etc. while travelling from one city to another but sightseeing trips may demand reasonable fitness.


For level 5 and 6 we recommend good fitness, health and travelling experience of the travelers. It requires more walking and ascending / descending in the mountains, remote areas, rough plains, passes or riverside etc. This level may involve travelling, walking and trekking in high altitude areas with bit difficult climatic conditions. Please check the details of the trip carefully and ensure that you are fit to travel in some not very comfortable travelling conditions.


Trips marked as challenging with level 7-8 are usually high altitude trekking experiences, walking, hiking or other challenging adventure activities which may demand extra precaution from a fitness and health perception. It is strongly recommended that you go through required medical checks and ensure that you are fit to undertake challenging adventure trips. High level physical and mental stamina is required to travel in trips market with 7-8 levels. Some trips marked with level 7-9 may require a doctors medical certificate.


All trips marked with extreme level are designed only for the highly experienced, healthy & mentally strong travelers. These trips may involve very tough climatic & weather conditions, steep trekking, expeditions in very remote areas with extreme tough travelling conditions & limited availability of services. It is strictly advisable to ensure that while booking such trips you already have experience & your medical advisor has properly examined you & permitted you to travel on such very high altitude & extreme challenging conditions. A doctor’s medical certificate may be required on most trips marked with level 9.

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